World’s Most Expensive Dinner For $2 In Cryptocurrency

You owe it to yourself to experience luxury dinner in Sukhumvit every once in a while. Most days, you only eat at fast food restaurants where everything is deep fried. Treat yourself and the family to gourmet 4-course dinner with desert at a rooftop venue with Bangkok’s skyline as the perfect backdrop. Thailand’s world famous street food is taken to next level with a complex blend of spices and flavours.

Last year, World of Diamonds, a Russian diamond company made waves after it announced an offering hailed as the “World’s Most Expensive Dinner.” The dinner which will be held in Singapore has a price tag of $2 million. It will include an 18-course meal that will be prepared by a Michelin-star chef. 10,000 roses, gold-plated and diamond-encrusted chopsticks worth $17,000 will be used for the dinner. A massive personal fireworks show will precede the presentation of a 2.08 carat blue diamond ring that is named after and endorsed by Jane Seymour, a world famous actress and jewellery designer.

However, Ville Oehman purchased the experience and chose to raffle it to the public using crypto currency. For $2, an ordinary person can experience the world’s most expensive dinner. However, the dinner will not include the blue diamond; instead, V Diamond’s which is Oehman’s self-funded company will use an initial coin offering or ICO. This is a typical way to raise funds for ventures involving cryptocurrency without the usual regulations surrounding fundraising.

One million tokens of ICO will be offered by Oehman worth $2 each to constitute a one millionth ownership stake in the 2.08 carat blue diamond ring. One token will be selected at random and the winner will enjoy the luxury dinner and the extravaganza that goes with it. The winner can also expect a 3-night all expenses paid trip for 2 to Singapore with a chauffeured Rolls Royce for transportation and a 3-hour sunset cruise.

Meanwhile, you have another option to the luxury dinner in Singapore through luxury dinner in Sukhumvit that will treat you to authentic Thai cuisine and Asian fusion with wines and cocktails of your choice. The restaurant ambiance is fabulous with an unsurpassable view of Bangkok.