Workshop Provided By Canon India

When it comes to imaging, one name that stands out among others is Canon. The company offer consumers with products that are diverse and offer the latest technology that are designed carefully with the users in mind. It is the most popular brand used by photographers even those offering wedding photography in Sydney because of the high quality images and reliable equipment.

Consumers are able to learn more about imaging through the platforms released by Canon such as Roadshows, Canon Photomarathon, Photography Workshops and EOS Nation Seminars. The brand is not only known in India but the rest of the world as well.

In its goal to promote imaging all over the nation, Canon has announced that they are organizing activities as well as workshops to motivate enthusiasts and to let them release their creativity in time with the World Photography Day.

According to the president and CEO of Canon India, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, photography is one of the best ways to express someone’s love of art. It is a language that is able to speak through different generations. The brand is raising awareness of the power of imaging in India and in the last 20 years they have seen how more and more people are showing interests in the world of photography. Amateur photographers together with professional ones are able to appreciate the camera technology that offers novelty.

He added that they are organizing workshops in contests for the upcoming World Photography Day and all of which will follow a theme. One of their events is done in partnership with Infosys Limited Bangalore which will feature a photo walk. The event will take place inside the company’s premises and a photography quiz as well as photo contest for the staffs will follow right after.

A number of photography workshops will also be offered in various educational institutions such as Bengaluru’s St. Joseph’s College. These workshops are important to harness the skill of the photographer. This will also be useful for those companies or individuals offering wedding photography in Sydney because it will keep them updated of the latest imaging technology. All they need to do is find a local workshop event wherein they can enjoy and learn at the same time.