Workplace Changes To Watch Out In South Africa

As evident in South Africa as well as in office fitouts in Sydney, offices are not transforming – from functional work areas to spaces that are people friendly. Giant Leap’s interior decorator, Emma Leith, talked about the workplace trends that locals may be able to witness in the country in the coming year.

First and foremost, the layouts work areas will be dynamic. In the last few years, we have seen how offices act as a multifunctional space and this trend will continue to grow because this specific layout makes it possible to adapt to the changing needs of the workforce. Workers are able to work in an environment that is more fluid, flexible and mobile than before. This is embodied by the office furniture that is light and modular such as desks suitable for sitting and standing, work benches as well as furniture that are lighter in weight.

There are businesses that are leaping one step forward by providing unconventional amenities in the work area including a room for yoga or meditation as well as lounges which can be utilized during important gatherings or meetings. The workplace in South Africa has also seen an increase in the layout design that accommodates communal rooms were employees will have the chance to talk casually or conduct an informal meeting or even just simply take a break and chat.

Comfort is also being upped in the world of workplaces. Recent layouts provide a cosier and homey environment by adding comfortable break room, communal eateries and welcoming lounges. This is a chance for companies to relay to the employees that they are one family and valued in the organization. Furniture that is commonly seen in residential properties is now utilized in the office.

Leith said that these new trends continue to grow because of the preference of millennials and their desire to eliminate the old style of working. The same styles and concepts are also seen in office fitouts in Sydney because these trends are starting to change the workplaces all over the world. In the end, the safety and comfort of the workers are the priorities of every business or company.