Will Wonder Woman Be A Blockbuster After The Backlash From Weight Loss Brand?

The Wonder Woman film will soon be showing in movie houses but the lack of advertising campaigns is very apparent. Last year, the endless stream of posters, trailers, promotional merchandise and magazine covers for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad assaulted the senses. Six weeks from hitting the cinemas and yet nobody has complained about the over-saturation of marketing campaigns for WW.

There is so much interesting discussion about Warner’s lack of promotions. People want Wonder Woman to get blockbuster treatment and to make boatloads of money because it is just as big as any Marvel or DC movie. When the film finally got its first promotional tie-in with a weight-loss brand “Think Thin” it was difficult to imagine that the brand will embody the spirit of Wonder Woman.

The Mary Sue was thrilled with the fact that the film gained a cross-promotional brand partnership because it is an example of advertising that drives public hype and puts the film in the public eye. Wonder Woman must get its fair share of advertising not with putting promotional merchandise in happy meals. However, to be fair, it seems like that there are a few WW cross promotions with Dr. Pepper and Pinkberry.

According to the Mary Sue, Wonder Woman finally got an Omaze partnership which is the new staple of a blockbuster-related charity giving. Still, the partnership is nothing if you will compare it to the partnerships generated by Superman and Batman in their previous movies. They had partnerships with chips, phones cars and entire airlines.

The main body of Warner Bros. advertising campaign for Wonder Woman focuses on what makes the woman iconic meaning her strength, power and courage. Back in 2013, when Gal Gadot was cast, there were criticisms that she was too skinny and not muscular enough. “Think Thin” is not a slogan that should be associated with a strong, courageous andfierce warrior.

The cross-promotion with Think Thin sends out mixed messages of unrealistic standards that women have to force into their life. Hopefully, the movie will be able to do a better job of promoting a stronger and more impressive sort of woman.