Why Koh Samui Is Worth Travelling In Thailand Aside From Bangkok

When you hear of the country Thailand, all you think about is the busy, bustling metropolitan city which is Bangkok. What people don’t know is that it has a lot more to offer such as its island paradise known as KohSamui. This is an island paradise perfect for holiday goers that are in-love with the sun, sand and sea. All you have to do is book boat to Koh Samui and experience the paradise for yourself.

There are many accommodation options in the area such as hotels, condominiums, villas and resorts. Some are situated close to the beach while others are walking distance still. KohSamui is the latest island in Thailand that gained the attention of tourists.

The island also offers something more for those who are into parties and socialization. The nightlife is not dead here. There is a party atmosphere that can rival that of Bangkok. Along the beach are a handful of clubs and bars that serve the visitors for an evening of fun and enjoyment. Of course, one’s Thailand experience is not complete without the street vendors that are roaming around selling the famous street foods of the country.

Make sure to listen to the talks and whispers of the locals and tourists to know the best spots to visit during the night if you are planning to have nightlife. Despite the lavish and luxurious accommodations and settings in these places, the prices are still cheap compared to prices at home. The night is not complete without seeing fire dancers perform on the beach as they entertain tourists in the area.

Many believes that the charm of KohSamui lies in the fact that one can party as hard as if they are in Bangkok but still have a peaceful and relaxing day by the beach. The sound of clubs and bars does not disrupt the entire surrounding as nature swallows it up and leaves accommodations peaceful and relaxing at night.

If you love to visit attractions, you should book boat to KohSamui in order to get the chance to see the Ang Thong Marine National Park which is considered a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.