Why Dam Pond Beavers Are Beneficial

Dam Pond Beavers are dams which are naturally built by beavers that serve to protect them against predators such as wolves, coyotes and bears. Beaver dams also allow beavers to access food during winter season making these dams essential for the beaver’s survival and for striking a balance in the entire ecosystem. Beavers are industrious workers that they work overtime and can finish a beaver dam overnight. They work mostly at night building dams out of their forepaws and teeth.

Although beaver dams can obstruct the natural river flow and can cause property damage and flooding during heavy rain, they also have their share of benefits. Some of these benefits include the following:

Flood control

Depending on how heavy the flooding is and the volume of water, Dam Pond Beavers can be hazardous or beneficial. Beaver dams can obstruct water flow if rainfall is heavy but with average rainfall, even when there is flood, beaver dams can reduce the height of the flood wave thereby minimizing or even eliminating risks to life and property.

Removes pesticides and herbicide in water               

Rice fields and agricultural lands are commonly nearby rivers, ponds and dams. Agriculture permeates traces of pesticides and herbicide into streams. Most of these are toxic and can harm the river and its inhabitants. However, when there are beaver dams, these toxicants are decomposed and metabolized by the bacteria found at the bottom of the beaver dam. Its bottom is rich with cellulose and can easily disintegrated synthetic and harsh chemicals.

Promotes thriving of other species in the area

One of the positive effects of having Dam Pond Beavers is that they foster the growth of other important organisms that will balance the ecosystem in the area. Beaver dams provide nursery and ponds that allow small salmon and trout to survive and hidden against predators. These dams are also essential in the growth and development of frogs and larvae and are instrumental to the survival of migratory birds such as songbirds since these beaver dams are excellent sources of food and shelter to these types of birds.