Why A Hotel Near Terminal 21 And Go Shopping!

When you plan a trip to Bangkok, Thailand, you need to be booked in a hotel near Terminal 21 for your accommodation. Aside from thinking about elephant rides and the white sandy beaches, you need to experience how a real Thai will do here including shopping. In Bangkok, you’ll find many shopping malls to visit and you can actually do almost anything here. You can buy grocery items for your home, watch a movie, go figure skating, exercise at the gym, and head on to the BTS station to take you someplace else. You must also remember that most malls in Bangkok connect to each other, so you can hop from one after the other.

In Central Bangkok,another mall named Terminal 21 awaits your visit here. As it was opened in 2011, the shopping centre has nine storeys, each labelled according to a theme that designates the key cities of the world. It’s basically a geography that starts with Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo, San Francisco, Instanbul and at the very top, Hollywood, where the cinema is situated. The theme obviously includes the whole world.

There’s also free Wi-Fi for visitors after checking out at the help desk. If you want to dine, shop, get entertained, exercise, you can travel across the continents by just a mere ride up the escalator. The escalator runs around 36-metres and can immediately take you to the ground from the fifth floor.

On the “Caribbean” lower ground floor, you’ll find the Gourmet Market, Crepe Box, Mister Donut, Baskin Robbins, Bread Talk, and more snacks and desserts from smaller vendors. In each floors you’ll find various restaurants offering a variety of cuisine, but there is one that suits your Japanese and seafood theme.

There’s also a budget cafeteria on the 5th floor where you can eat inexpensive and fast foods. At 25-40 baht, you’ll have lunch or dinner from a street food inspired, hygienically cooked cuisine. You can also load your card with money at a Bangkok food court.

At Terminal 21, you can actually get items from around 600 to 2000 baht, with affordable and original jewellery. They also have the best qualities for men’s, women’s and children’s apparels and accessories., After touring, you’ll want to return to a hotel near Terminal 21 to relax, rest and sleep.