Wall Tiles Dislodging From 700 Residential Units In Singapore

There are currently 700 cases of wall tiles dislodging that are being faced by HDB (Housing and Development Board) in Singapore. The number of cases included starts from the beginning of this year alone. Over half of the complaints are wall tiles that were installed by the agency itself. Many of the residents are looking to rock tiles for the wall as an alternative because of the incidents.

According to the board’s spokesperson, the number of cases that has been recorded is almost the same as the ones that have been documented in the last few years. The number of dislodged tiles is higher when the country is experiencing the cold season.

In a statement released by the HDB, the tiles’ dislodgement is because of the natural deterioration of the material coupled with the changes in the weather which causes the tiles to expand or contract. When this happens, the adhesive that applied to the screed surface in order to install the tiles is eventually lost.

The spokesperson clarified that because of the significant highs and lows in the temperature, the tiles are put under stress and this is one factor that affects the adhesion.

He added that this is more than the industry standard which gives one year grace period for the Defect Liability Period. HDB will help all residents that have been affected by providing flat inspections, adding a protective sheet on the wall where the tiles are dislodged and giving them a list of contactors whom they can coordinate with.

Lawrence Wong, the minister for national development, said in the parliament in April of 2017 that the owners of the flats should be the one to answer the maintenance of their units which covers the usual wear and tear that needs repair.

He further explained that the Defect Liability Period last for only one year wherein the developers will answer if there are cases of dislodged tiles. There are developers that are offering free repair for up to three years but it is not stated in the contract but rather their own goodwill.

Some of the flat owners are considering turning to rock tiles for the wall to see if it will be able to withstand temperate changes to avoid the yearly repair and maintenance.