Villagers Save An Event From Being A Complete Disappointment

One of the most critical factors when planning for an event is the สถานที่จัดสัมมนา that must be within reasonable distance from most of the attendee’s place of work or residence. If the attendees are coming from abroad, it makes sense to choose a venue that is close to their hotel. A good place to start the search is local business listings where you can get quotes from multiple places at once.

This year’s Mekong Tourism Forum was able to attract the biggest attendance ever because admission was free. At least 475 delegates registered for the event. Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Sports was very supportive and provided financial assistance to ensure that the event will be a success. The generous ministry also provided the traditional shirts for the seminars that were hosted at 8 villages.

The reasons behind the seminar attendance may be as diverse as the presentations and packed programs but it is clear enough that the attendees gained something from the event. One of the delegates was keen on meeting the researchers of community based tourism. He was also interested in meeting people he could network with.

Other delegates attended because they want to touch base with travel influencers or decision makers that could encourage tourism to Mekong region. However, most were disappointed because top executives of airlines, hotel groups and big tour operators did not join the event. Even the keynote speaker, Spencer Lee, Air Asia’s chief commercial officer did not show up.

The failure of event speakers to attend is not acceptable particularly since they are often the reason why people attend events. They seriously compromised the value of the forum as a platform for engagement. Fortunately, the villagers saved the event because they provided an innovative channel where the delegates were able to learn and interact. Delegates joined in the trips to villages to see organic farming and experience religious and adventure tourism.

Finding the rightสถานที่จัดสัมมนา for an event can be time consuming; however, there are event listing websites that will provide you with a list of venues that host events. From the list, you can compare quotes and choose the venue that suits you best.