Vegetarian Ranking Dominated By Asian Cities

The past year has been a challenge for the meat industry because more and more people are shifting to healthier options when it comes to food. This change is sudden and noticeably profitable. There are many industry deals that have proven how keen huge corporations are when it comes to adapting to the changing eating habits of the consumers. One example is the acquisition of Danone SA of the White Wave Foods Co. worth $10.4 billion. One of the recent trends is that millennials in the United States and United Kingdom are consuming more vegetables. It is not a surprise that Asia is following suit with vegetarian cuisine in Chiang Mai gaining more popularity than ever.

According to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a published study by Marco Springmann, continued consumption of meat can cost the United States a maximum of $289 billion annually. By 2050, it may cost the global market $1.6 trillion. Adapting a plant-based diet can help prevent climate change as well as keep people healthy.

The vegetable movement is starting to gain popularity thus there are now more menu choices all over the globe. With the help of technology, travelers can wander in a new city and find businesses that are offering plant-based menu. If you are not familiar with a city, you can download applications such as VegOut and Veggoagogo t locate restaurants that are serving vegetarian dishes.

The website Tripadvisor compiled reviews from customers regarding vegetarian restaurants around the world and half of the top ranking cities are located in Asia. These countries are Ho Chi Minh City, Taipei, Chiang Mai, Delhi and Seoul which are joined by countries from other continents including New York, London, Portland, Berlin and Prague. The ranking was created using the data found on Tripadvisor’s website.

Majority of Asia follows a Buddhist tradition and its agricultural sector is quite rich thus the countries are able to adapt with this new trend easily. As proof, there is a rise in vegetarian cuisine in Chiang Mai to meet the plant-based diets of the local and tourist alike.