Tree Elimination And Cleanup Done By Volunteers For Free

Hurricane Irma left a lot of fallen trees and debris after hitting Miami-Dade that companies of tree lopping Perth expect that the amount of work will be massive. Laura Everette, a 57-year-old local, said that her minivan was hit by a fallen tree. She is a double amputee and living on a fixed income thus it is not possible for her to afford hiring someone to remove the tree and do the cleaning up. These services usually costs between hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

After the hurricane, many of the homeowners as well as renters located in South Florida are trying to figure out ways on how to clean up their property and to handle fallen trees. Everette, on her part, tried to ask for assistance from the landlord but there was no response.

She admitted that she has no idea what to do to remove the fallen trees when a week after the storm, there came a group of men who asked her about it. They offered to remove the tree free of charge.

One of the members of the volunteering group is Michael Clarkson and they are aware that not everyone can afford to hire a professional tree lopper. They were able to remove the tree from the minivan of Everette and it was working fine aside from a few dents and scratches.

The group of volunteers branded themselves as the Koncious Contractors and Clarkson is considered to be their general. The members are from various walks of life such as retirees, activists and employees of non-profit organizations.

Clarkson has retired from his job as a landscape technician. He is residing in Central Florida and he decided to lead the campaign. Aside from tree removal, they also install tarps on roofs that have been damaged as well as repairing broken fences.

The group does not charge anyone for their efforts but they accept donations which they can use to purchase additional supplies, gas for their power tools and vehicles they use to travel around. The staffs of tree lopping Perth are lauding these volunteers for the work they do for their fellows.