Travel Experts Share Tips On How To Get Free Room Upgrade

If you are a regular guest, it is more likely for a hotel to provide you some favours. One example is free upgrade in Bangkok hotel deal to enjoy a room with the city skyline as the backdrop. Another way to enjoy rewards and additional perks is to book directly with the hotel website. You can book now to take advantage of the promotions offered for the coming Chinese New year.

If you are travelling to Thailand, there are some easy ways to enjoy upgrades without the extra price. Travel experts share some useful tips on how to be upgraded to a larger room with a better view and a more spacious bath.

  • Be loyal to the hotel and be friendly to the staff. Hotels reward return guests with special favours. A little bit of respect and friendliness to hotel staff will be rewarded with free perks.
  • If you check-in late, there is a possibility for the hotel to run out of their standard rooms. It is very likely that you will be bumped to a better room. However, there are several disadvantages to late check-in particularly during peak tourist season in Bangkok. If you have not made advance reservations, the hotel might have run out of available rooms.
  • Social media is very important to hotel promotions. Make sure to inform the receptionist that you will be writing a review on the hotel with photographs posted on Instagram. The receptionist might give you a better room in exchange for online exposure; however, make sure to keep to your promise.
  • If you book the cheapest room, it is very unlikely for a hotel to upgrade your room. The more money you pay for accommodations, the more that the hotel will value you as a customer. Freebies and upgrades are often the reward to valuable guests.

Fantastic deals are offered by hotels like free upgrade in Bangkok hotel deal if you reserve for accommodations using the promo code posted at the hotel’s website. The earlier you book the better are the chances of discounts on rooms. Booking 15 days in advance usually results to more discounts per night including complimentary buffet breakfast and unlimited Wi-Fi.