Top Tips In Choosing American Restaurants In Beach Road

Beach Road is one of the most populated and popular areas in Pattaya. At one side of the road, you will see a long, sandy beach with clear water while on the other side, you will find American restaurants in Beach Road including shops, bars, massage parlours and all sorts of commercial and business establishments. You can grab a beer and walk along the road or have your favourite drink in one of the bars in the area. If you want to dine and wine, Beach Road will not disappoint you. However, with all the available restaurants in the area, picking one might be daunting for you so here are some tips.

Healthy food choices                        

Fast food and American dishes are usually high in cholesterol. Some of the dishes offered in diners are even considered as junk food. However, there are American restaurants that offer healthy options such as shrimp and spinach salads, chicken Caesar salad and other options. Crispy fried chicken wings can be irresistible but at the same time, they are deep friend in oil which may or may not be too healthy. To balance your meal in American restaurants in Beach Road, order chicken garden salad.


When choosing an American restaurant, choose one that not only offer delectable dishes, they should also be pocket-friendly and affordable. While your currency may be higher in value than baht, you will enjoy more food and buy more souvenirs if you get to save money on your meals. You can check for deals for the day to lower your food expenses or you can share your order with friends or your companion.

Proven and popular

Finally, when you pick an American restaurant in beach road, opt for one that has a branch in your home country and one that you know, serves appetizing food. When you choose a popular and proven restaurant, you already know what you are going to get and there’s no room for regrets or wasting your money over a meal that is unsatisfactory to you. Picking a popular restaurant is also ideal when you are in a hurry.