Tom Hanks Shared Tidbits Of Vacation With The Obamas

It was only a few weeks ago when the world went a little bit crazy after knowing that a luxury cruise that explored Tahiti was carrying the best group of people – the Obamas, Tom Hans, Bruce Springsteen and Oprah Winfrey. One could only dream about going on a cruise with such people but there are other companies that offer yacht charter such as Five Star Sea Cruises based in Phuket, Thailand.

A person’s imagination can only go wild with assumptions of what they may be talking about. The former president of the country together with his First Lady is aboard a luxury ship along with the best in the world when it comes to music, acting and talk show.

The sad fact is that none of the parties are willing to share the details of the cruise and what went on in there.

People tried interviewing Oprah regarding what happened during their vacation at the ultra luxury yacht, she just gave a blunt response about how she can’t talk about the event. She also added that whatever happened on the boat will be staying there for the rest of their lives. It looks like she has no intention of spilling the beans, ever.

The yacht where the group has gathered is aptly named as The Rising Sun and it is 137 meters long. It is ranked as the 11th of the largest yacht there is in the world. Their cruise consisted of a visit to the islands in the French Polynesian.

During that time, the trouble started to stir as shared by the actor Tom Hanks during his appearance with Stephen Colbert on his talk show called The Late Show. The actor shared that they decided to rent bikes in order to go to the shore for sightseeing.

He shared how there are a wide array of bikes to choose from except for one and it unfortunately landed to him. While he may have shared a wonderful joke, he also expressed how fantastic the experience was. You may not be able to ride a luxury yacht with these famous personalities but you can be sure to experience the same wonder through yacht charters offered by companies in Phuket such as Five Star Sea Cruises.