Tips When Planning Your Summer Getaway

If you are planning for a summer getaway, what are you waiting for? It is time to book your flight and accommodation because summer airfare is expected to increase by 5.8% from last year, according to travel site Hooper. Don’t count out international destinations because currency fluctuations have made hotel stay more affordable.

Instead of choosing a specific destination, think of what you like to do and how you will enjoy your vacation. Perhaps, you want to go to the beach or hike on uneven trails. Search destinations that are better priced to allow you an affordable summer getaway.

It goes without saying that Thailand has one of the most beautiful beaches all over the world because of it clear waters, white sand and ideal climate; however, there are also remote islands that are worth visiting. Most of the beaches will be crowded by tourists who want to enjoy summer in the islands but if you walk a little further, you will surely find a peaceful space to spread your towel and enjoy the sunshine.

Don’t limit the search to the well known travel sites; search for affordable hotel booking and discounted flights from other third party sites because they might be offering a better deal. Prices are often based on where people prefer to travel this summer and the dates that they will likely travel. If the expected date of travel is flexible, try to pick a date when the prices are not too high. A family trip is more likely to be inexpensive at the end of the school year and start of another year.

Don’t limit your search for accommodation to the international hotel chains; there are lots of options that will yield bigger savings. There are other forms of savings beyond the nightly rates like free parking, free breakfast and 24-hour room service.

A hotel in South Pattaya has a range of rooms suitable for both the business and leisure traveller. No trip is complete unless you have tried the traditional Thai cuisine. Restaurants are walking distance from the hotel but if you prefer to stay indoors, dining and entertainment is also available.