Tips To Find Japanese Fine Cuisine In Bangkok

If you are into Japanese food or a Japanese national in Bangkok, chances are, you will look for a restaurant that offers Japanese fine cuisine in Bangkok to satisfy your cravings. To find an authentic Japanese restaurant around Bangkok, here are some suggestions.

Surf the internet

Most information can be found on the internet and that includes where you can have a Japanese fine dining experience in Bangkok. You can just utilize your preferred search engine and type in your location in Bangkok so for the results to give you Japanese restaurants within the vicinity. You might also want to check on forums and discussion boards to find suggested Japanese restaurants in Thailand. To guide you with your choices, read customer feedback and testimonials.

Check on blogsites

You can also find excellent Japanese fine cuisine in Bangkok by searching and reading blogsites that tackles food and experiences in Thailand.Blogs are excellent sources of information because aside from getting reviews about the food and services of a particular restaurant, you also get other essential info such as its location, how to get there, the restaurant’s specialties and even show photos of the restaurant and its dishes.

Check on travel magazines

Another proven and tested way to find a Japanese restaurant in a particular area is by checking its local magazines and even those magazines that you find in airplanes bound for Thailand. They usually provide information about restaurants and must-try and must-go places of a particular country to where the plane is headed. At the airport, you can also find pamphlets and flyers from Thailand’s tourism agency with information on exquisite cafes and restaurants that you should try in Thailand.

Get info from the locals

One of the best sources of information when it comes to finding Japanese fine cuisine in Bangkok are the locals of Thailand.  For one, they are knowledgeable of the area so they know exactly where you can find the type of restaurant that you are looking for. Ask the front desk officer of your hotel or the hotel staff for information.