Tips In Buying Orchids From Thailand Orchid Growers

Buying a set of orchids is not that difficult when you can just log in online and check from the numerous Thailand orchid growers on the internet. However, there are certain considerations when buying orchids to ensure that you will get the freshest in the market and one with excellent quality especially when you want to have it longer in your home or office. Here are some tips to buy the best type of orchids from an orchid grower.

Check the labels

There are different types of orchids and each of them requires different caring methods. There are those that require less watering while there are those that require constant attention. It is important that you are buying an orchid with clear label on caring instructions, where it should be placed inside your home, watering techniques and the kind of environment that the orchid thrives better and other relevant information. The orchid grower should also be able to provide their contact information so you can easily reach them whenever you have questions in relation to the orchid.

Avoid bargain orchids

While it is wise to look for Thailand orchid growers that offer affordable orchids, it would be best to keep in mind that quality comes with price. If the orchid is offered at bargain price, there has to be a reason for it. You should also inspect the orchid thoroughly from roots to tips and should avoid falling for lovely packaging as there might be some issues behind colourful and elegant trappings. Find out how to determine a healthy orchid by merely looking at its leaves, roots and spikes. This ready information can be easily found online.

Careful shipping methods

Shipping is one of the crucial parts in transporting orchids to customers and orchid sellers. Shippers normally repot orchids and the process can be stressful for the orchids. Choose Thailand orchid growers that are careful in handling, packaging and transporting orchids especially those that are shipped internationally. Orchids are repot in water-retaining mix in order to keep the orchid hydrated and healthy. Make sure to remove orchids from this temporary pot upon receipt.