Things To Determine Before Calling A Wedding Catering In Sydney

In order to make your transaction smoother and faster, determine a few things before you contact the service provider of wedding catering in Sydney that you target to hire. Having the right details would make it easier for the caterer to deliver their service for you. Make it a point to book your reservations a month or two prior to your wedding date especially if you intend to hire an in demand caterer or if your wedding falls on a peak season such as June for weddings or December for Christmas parties and corporate events. Before calling the caterer in your area, consider the following details.

The type of menu to be served

The type of food to be served on your wedding should be suitable to the time and venue of the reception. For instance, if you are planning to have your wedding early in the morning such as for sunrise beach weddings, it would be best to choose a breakfast menu where you can just add platter menu or food stations to serve more food. The type of food served if the wedding reception is on an early evening would also differ. Consider the details of your wedding for you to come up with the right design, venue and of course, the right dishes to serve.

Target number of guests

For large number of guests, a buffet menu would be most likely applicable. The good thing about choosing a wedding catering in Sydney that offers buffet menu is that your guests gets to eat a variety of dishes and this also minimizes the need for more staff for serving. Look for a caterer that allows you to customize your menu.


Your budget is an important detail that you need to have before calling a provider of wedding catering in Sydney because it is one of the first few things that they will ask from you. There are caterers that offers budget menu without compromising the quality and taste of the dishes. Talk to company’s representative to see how they can assist you with your catering needs while taking into consideration your budget.