The Top Five Most Beautiful London City Illustrated Map

London is one of the most prominent cities of the world. Aside from that, it is one of the most mapped cities too. There is more to London as you can always see something new in the world of mapping. You will see that every London City illustrated map is different from the other. Below are selected illustrated maps of London.:

  • London South Bank University

It’s actually a simple map, developed to showcase the location of the University in London perimeters. It is easily recognizable, is emphasized with drawings of major buildings, as well as some generic stylized symbols related to London, like the double decker buses.

  • Alex Foster Map

The London City illustrated map uses child-like illustrations of its landmarks. The text of the map is drawn by hand with colorful images to create a simplistic yet charming picture. The River Thames is featured with bold blue wrap all over the map with the road layout kept to a minimum.

  • Guoman Hotels Map

The illustrated map was innovated by Lovell Johns to feature a clear base map, with various hotel locations and major buildings chosen out as 3D icons. It aims to feature the comparative position of the hotels in relation to the major tourist attractions of the city. It utilizes corporate branding and colors of the hotel chain to help make this map more unique and distinctive. It surely is one great map to see the interesting side of London.

  • Bentley Priory Map

The London City illustrated map designed by Katherine Baxter showcases many attributes in great details. Its base details such as the River Thames, roads, and more have been shaped and concluded to create a relevant detail more distinguished. The text is drawn by hand text to add an illustrative feel of the map.

  • InterContinental Hotel Map

This map was authorized by Park Lane InterContinental Hotel to suit their guests to see the local area for walking and jogging. The street level base is styled with more illustrated 3D buildings. The London City illustrated map should help you find you way within the city.