The Roles Of A Landscape Architect

Ever wonder what the roles of a Landscaping Architect in Culpepper are? Try to think of a newly constructed building with the best layout and interior design. Without a landscaping architect, there will be no plan as to the circulation of vehicles coming in and out, there will be no parking spaces and no sidewalks or space allotted for pedestrians. There will be no system to handle the water running off during a storm, no plants outside, no courtyards or landscaping that will make the exterior look beautiful. This is only some of the roles that a landscape architect plays.

Landscape architecture is a profession that has been in existence since the middle of 1800s. The professional is not all about plants and landscaping but only makes up a portion of it. Landscape architects are responsible in complementing the technical parts of a building to the creative side in order to make something that is not only beautiful but also sustainable. They also aim to create outdoor spaces that are functional.

Most of the projects that include the need for a landscape architect are bigger than residential ones. They are employed in various markets such as parks and recreations, health care, higher education, athletic complexes and corporate facilities. Majority of the time, landscape architects are important part of project development.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architecture, a good landscape architect will help in raising the value of a commercial establishment as they are responsible in managing the aesthetics as well as its functionality. They are also responsible in answering the increasing concern of the public regarding the environment.

In order for landscape architects to provide adequate services, they must have sustainable design along with LEED certification. In a statement made by SUNY-ESF, a landscape architect should not only prioritize what the clients’ wants but the environmental aspect is essential as well.

It is common for a Landscaping Architect in Culpepper to be the lead designer in some of the major projects including outdoor facilities. They are basically in charge of everything that is outside of the walls of an establishment.