The Right Preparation for Christmas

It is time to deploy your plans for Christmas. As a business owner, you need to focus in some key areas which include the following:

  • Peak planning board. You can set up a departmental peak planning board. This way everyone in the business will understand their corresponding roles in the build up to Christmas day. It is equally important for marketing as well as fulfillment teams to be always in contact with each other as seasonal promotions and campaigns should be supported in order to allow the ample supply of items which are in demand. Marketing teams can also help in driving the stock movements. They can do this by creating strategic promotional campaigns for different items which are lagging behind in revenue.
  • Segmentation. Businesses need to create a deep understanding of the different behavior of shoppers in the build-up to Christmas day so that they will be able to segment as well as target their marketing efficiently. Using the data that you have the previous years, it will be possible that you can now identify the frequency as well as the value of the customer’s purchases whether they only buy from you during Christmas time or throughout the entire year.
  • Attribution. Advanced attribution usually takes account of the touch point for every device, channel or platform which is used by the clients during the journey of purchasing products. It can add insight as to the behavior of your customer. It will also allow you to measure the return on investment for individual campaigns and channels which can turn into great opportunities for sale.
  • Email. It is very important to have a very clear strategy when it comes to answering the problem of abandoned baskets as well as incomplete purchases. You can include offering discounts as some methods in order to avoid these scenarios and in order to entice shoppers to get their basket back and continue shopping. Consider also shortening the usual time for this follow up on customers especially as Christmas gets closer.

Whatever you will be doing, make sure that your strategies are unique. You can even include giving ugly Christmas sweater to loyal customers.