The Real Deal Between Gifts And Giveaways

People still hangover from the holiday season wherein they suffered through the Christmas rush as they buy gifts or what they call as gifts for people in their lives. Gift giving has always been based on the concept of reciprocity wherein someone gives something and in exchange they are expecting something in return. It does not have to be expensive because the thought of giving is what matters most. The problem these days is that gift giving has become an obligation. People are busy every holiday looking for gifts that at the end of the day they end up buying giveaways and have forgotten the essence of gift giving. Giveaways are the same products used in promotional merchandise in Australia. The main goal of a giveaway is to promote one’s self or brand.

It is common for giveaways to have the name of the person or the company, it can have a logo and other important that will make the receiver remember the giver or the brand it carries. The sad thing about giveaways is the there is no sentimental value in what is given thus the receiver might not feel attached and ends up gifting it to someone else.

In comparison, a gift is considered very special because of the thought and effort invested into it. One good example is the way Japanese wrap their presents. The manner is elaborate and the wrapper used is ecological because it can be reused. The most common wrapper they used is cloth known locally as furoshiki and the wrapper itself is a part of present.

Another way to make the gift more precious is the effort in choosing the gift wrapper. Look at how kids get excited when they receive something wrapped. It keeps the mystery and surprise going. This is one of the exciting parts of receiving presents.

There is no denying that giveaways have a place in the holiday season especially if you are giving to a group of people such as your co-workers. It is common to see promotional merchandise in Australia but people should know the difference between giveaways and gifts especially during the season of giving.