The Importance Of Hiring Engineers For A Building Project

When a building project starts, property managers may question the need to hire an engineer because a contractor will save them more money. The choice between a contractor and an engineer will depend on the scope of the building project. For example, if a boiler has to be installed, the expertise of a heating engineer will be required for safety reasons.

According to Nick Jackson, project designer at M & E Engineering, they have good relationships with contractors but they will be cautious if the contractor says that there is no need for an engineer. When a building project decides to forego the services of professional engineers, they often experience costly delays, errors and installation of inefficient systems. An investment on the services of engineers from project design to construction actually offers high ROI.

In the engineering drawings, the make and model of equipment, how it should be installed and the materials that will be needed will be identified. This information will help in pricing the project and whether the costs of contractors will be competitive.

For example, in a typical boiler installation project, the heating engineer will look at the overall system, its components and how they work together. The heating engineer will calculate the flow rates of main system pumps and each of the boiler pumps so that the system design will be balanced. The heating engineer also understands that the operating temperature and the design of heat exchangers and heating coils will contribute to the efficiency of the system.

Engineers will also focus their attention on the demands on the whole building whether there is a need to upgrade to a higher efficiency boiler like the condensing type. This holistic approach usually reduces the energy costs of the building and whatever savings will easily offset the engineer’s fees. When the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of the building are efficiently integrated, long-term system performance and energy savings are established.

Paul from APH Heating is a professional plumbing and heating engineer. He has made a name in the community for the quality of work done whether it is boiler installation or boiler replacement project. When you hire Paul, you are assured that your home is in safe hands.