The Drawbacks Of Using Wired Glass On Your Doors

Innovations in the manufacture of glass means there are more choices today when it comes to fire glass market. A few years ago, a consumer has limited choices when he wants to install a fire-resistant glass door. For years, wired glass was the only product in the market that has passed fire rating tests. However, wired glass has its drawbacks because it has a relatively weak resistance to impacts.

Wired glass also has limited applications because it can only be used for small panes in areas where there are minimal possibilities of breakage. However, there is now the option of safety wired fire-resistant glass, specially tempered fire glass, ceramic fire glass and intumescent laminated fire glass.

Schools, offices and factories still use wired glass because it is cost effective and can be used effectively for various applications. However, wired glass offers integrity-only fire protection which means that while wired glass can stop the spread of flames and smoke, it does not provide any insulation against heat radiation.

If the wire inside the glass weakens due to extreme heat, glass becomes more prone to breakage. Thin wires that are being used for wired glass are usually very weak and potential injuries are possible if both the glass and the wire break accidentally. Wired glass must not be used in locations where safety is a concern and this includes doors.

Safety wired glass is a better option because it has a special film that will hold the glass in place in case of accidental breakage. However, architects and interiors have a different choice that is a more modern clear fire glass for doors.

Tempered fire glass, ceramic fire glass and intumescent fire glass offer clear-glass solutions and meet safety requirements at the same time. Tempered glass is reasonably appealing and cost effective but cannot be subjected to sudden changes in temperature to prevent it from shattering. Ceramic fire glass is more versatile in nature and can be tinted, clear or mirrored.

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