The Challenge With Linking Content Marketing And ROI

During the event that was held in London called WTF is Content Marketing, marketing executives from the biggest European firms gather to talk about the issues that they are facing in their industry. One of the common issues that many brands, publishers and agencies are facing is the challenge to prove the link between content marketing and return on investment.

The challenges that companies face in terms of ROI has been a long standing one, just like marketing. A new dimension was opened when the era of platforms was introduced, content marketing is crowding the customers news feed and influencers are on the rise. Things became a little bit unclear when the problem about organic reach and its decline started to arise.

According to TUI Group’s group head of social, Rachel Hawkes, one of the biggest issues they have had to face in terms of content marketing is linking all the different types of technology that the company uses. It is important that these techs are integrated with one another. She cited as an example their efforts now in merging the analytics they gather from Curalate, a user-generated content tool, and their analytics gathered onsite. Through this they are able to see if a visitor has clicked on any type of UGC, went to the checkout page and bought something. The company is targeting that by the end of next year they will be able to determine how much social media is contributing to the value chain in terms of driving sales, increasing consideration as well as promoting loyalty.

The global head of digital publishing of the brand Bp, Ben Jeffries, said that for their company RI is considered a bit unusual. The firm hired a content team with a small but full time staffs that are in house. With this they want to make sure that the effort is generating profit but the company is not open to the idea of spending a lot of money in hiring an agency that will do the content marketing and then putting too much effort in measuring the result.