The Army Looking For Electricians And Mechanics

It has been a practice by the Army for decades to pay for tuition assistance of soldiers who are eager to get their own degrees. Leadership is now looking for a way to make the program available to civilian credential as well as certification training of soldiers who want to learn skills that may be within or beyond their specialties.

There was a survey conducted in November of last year wherein there were 100,000 soldiers who participated. They were asked if they are interested in getting civilian credentials. Another question is that if they are willing to avail of this option instead of tuition assistance.

According to Dan Dailey, a Sergeant Major of the Army, they got overwhelming positive responses. Joe Parson who is the credentialing officer at the Army said that three weeks after the survey was sent out, over 3,000 soldiers answered back.

Participants were given until January 23 to answer the survey sent to them.

The survey is just a preliminary measure taken by the Army in order to initiate the credentialing assistance program that it has been planning for a while. This is a way for the Army to save money that is supposed to go to college tuition while investing on soldiers who are in the service. The program will eventually help them save money because soldiers that have professional civilian credentials to show for are more attractive to employers. This is a way to prevent them from availing unemployment checks once they have been away from service.

Officials also expressed that the move will be able to correct the oversight made when they made the training soldiers in the army take job skills that do not provide certifications which is necessary for them to get a civilian job someday.

Parson shared that there was not much assurance for them when they go back to the marketplace because the Army failed in translating the skills and experience they have gained during their service. This is why the program is being developed in order for soldiers to receive credentials despite the specialty they are in during their military service. It will not be surprising to know someday that a military person turned out to be an Electrician in Hemmant after offering their service to the country.