Termite Problem Solved With The Help Of A Dog

It was only last year when the Riverside Pest Management decided to take in a new member of their group. This new member is known to be a professional when it comes to detecting termites. He is called Ben and is born as a cocker spaniel, a breed of dog. He is an expert when it comes to termite because his sense of smell is over-the-top when it comes to detecting pests.

With the help of pets such as Ben, termite inspection in Sydney can be a breeze because pests can be easily detected. Ben is an offspring of a champion lineage of dogs that are trained for detection. Pete is his grandfather who also known as the best dog detector of termites employed in Sydney. The same goes with his father, Ess, who is not only good in detecting termites but bugs as well. His father was also based in Sydney. His Aunt Sal, on the other hand, is currently working at the Snowy Mountains National Park as a detection dog that specializes in noxious weed.

Ben was trained in Sydney starting from six weeks. He works along Shane Clarke who is a well-known trainer and an expert in pest control.

Ben’s specialty is locating termites and he is able to locate the destructive pests even if they are invisible behind thick walls. He can detect them as they come out of cracks or crevices in between concrete and he can smell them even on trees and around the garden. He is an expert in detecting termites in almost any structure.

Ben was top of his class when he graduated from training and he still has three siblings that are still being trained.

According to Steve Butcher who is the owner of Riverside Pest Management, Ben is more accurate in detecting termites compared to their testing equipment used.

Steve who operates the business with his wife, Jess, admitted that it took four years before they were able to get a detection dog to be used for their termite inspection in Sydney and the couple admitted that he is worth the investment.