Storm Water Drainage In Kozhikode Under Works

With the recent reports of the sudden flooding in Chennai, Kozhikode has been barraged with concern as it does not have a strong drainage system. A flood as strong as that in Chennai, though it has not been foreseen to happen anywhere in the near future, will not be able to handle by the present storm water drainage of Kozhikode.

According to K. Somasekhara Kaimal, the KSUDP or Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project’s project manager, the resident will no longer have to worry since work is now being done concerning the drainage problem. It is expected that once the Storm Water Drainage System project is completed in a few years, the city will be able to handle any flood and will more likely prevent normal flooding experienced by residents.

All of the current storm water drainage system that is in existence within the city is now being handled by the Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP). Good news for those who are residing near the coastal areas because all the drains construction is done and completed. According to data, 10 of the roads that are within the city’s main are to be included in the storm water drainage project. The current work being conducted on three of these drainage systems are now on-going and some are into different level of completion.

The mofusil bus stand and its surrounding area have always been flooded year after year and is also under the drainage project. The work will involve a 100 meter long drainage system stemming from Focus Mall and ending at G-Mart. Another stretch which is 300 meters long will start at the RP Mall and will conclude in Arayadathupala. Once all of these areas are done, the problem with the mofusil bus stand is expected to be eliminated as well.

Mr. Kaimal shared how the project’s pipelines to be used are very wide that draining of the water will take lesser time than usual. Other major roads are also included in the storm water drainage project such as Karapparamba-P.M. Kutty Road and Sales Tax Office Road among other.

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