Some Important Facts About Thai Food

Thai food is popular around the world. Be it the flavourful curries or the herb induced soups, all the Thai recipes consist of a unique blend of different flavours like sweet, salty, savoury. Thai preparations have an influence of the different cultures and reflects the spirit of a waterborne culture. Aquatic animals, plants and herbs form a major part of the Thai cuisine.

Tourists visiting the country can sample Thai cuisine at the street side vendors selling a variety of home cooked Thai dishes or book a table at the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok, featured in the Michelin guide.

Here are some of the important facts to know about Thai food, before visiting the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok with your family and friends.

  • Thai food is not ordered in courses. All the different dishes are ordered at once and are to be shared with others.
  • Food is a communal affair in Thailand. The food on the table is meant to be shared with family and friends. When you visit the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok, remember to order dishes according to the number of diners. Typically two diners order three dishes along with individual plates of rice, three diners order four dishes and so on.
  • A typical Thai meal consists of soups, a curry with condiments, fish or vegetables accompanied with a dip, and a dessert. Remember to balance the different flavours. Order spicy soups with bland rice or a sweet soup with a spicy curry. Soups are enjoyed along with other dishes on the menu and are not taken independently. Always choose a combination of spicy and bland dishes to harmonize the taste and avoid discomfort.
  • A Thai meal is eaten with a fork and spoon. All the ingredients in the preparation are cut into bite sized slices or chunks and there is no need of a knife.
  • A good Thai meal in the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok is not complete without a Thai dessert. Most of the desserts are made using milk and rice. You can also have fresh fruits like mangoes, durians, jackfruit, grapes, melons etc. in the place of a dessert. Thai desserts are uniformly sweet and are required to balance the taste after a strongly herbed meal.