Solutions To Lower Back Pain That Does Not Involve Surgery

One of the common parts of the human body that feels pain is the lower back and the bad news is that it can come at anytime. Your back can easily suffer from strain or injury while doing heavy lifting, sports, exercise or unfortunately, being in an accident. Aging is also one of the factors that can cause the pain your spine. Medical attention is required if the pain is already too much for your body to bear or it is alarming in anyway. In majority of the cases, lower back pain is only short-term and there are alternatives you can do to lessen the pain without having to resort to surgery from over-the-counter medications to heat pack in Australia electric.

The first is to sign up with a physical therapist. They will be able to provide an effective treatment routine that will help you manage your lower back pain as well as relieving it in the process. The good thing about therapists is that their treatments are catered to the needs of a specific individual. There are countries wherein prescription from a doctor is required before physical therapy can begin.

If you go to your doctor for a check-up, one of the things they may recommend is medications that can be bought in pharmacies which are designed as pain relievers. If the medication is not working in your situation, muscle relaxant may also be prescribed or a stronger type of medication. With these treatments, it is important to talk about your doctor regarding the benefits and side effects, if there are any. If medicines and physical therapy do not relieve pain, epidural injections made of cortisone can also be administered.

One of the most effective method in relieving lower back pain is getting some rest. It should be done for at least 48 hours after hurting yourself. While resting, do not engage in activities that will require work from your back muscles. While resting, you can apply ice pack on the site of injury. After 24 hours of cold pack treatment, it is time to purchase a heat pack in Australia electric which should be placed on your hurting back for 15 minutes once every two hours.