Sheriff Turned To Federal Government For Help Regarding Rehab Facilities

It is not always that the sheriff gets the chance to have a personal talk with the Attorney General of the United States but the opportunity came for A.J. Smith who is the sheriff at Franklin County. They tackled the fact that there is Los Angeles best rehab facility but their own city do not even have its own and they are still looking for additional funding for their drug rehabilitation program.

Smith is only one of the sheriffs in attendance since there was five other coming from North Florida. There is also the presence of a number of police chiefs, the department head of Florida Highway Patrol and the department head of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The invitation came from the Christopher Canova who is the interim Attorney of the United States. The meeting was held in Tallahassee at the Northern District of Florida’s federal courthouse.

During the meetings, they discussed the introduction of a tougher program which is to be employed at the national level in order to counter the problem with opioid abuse. Around $12 billion is expected to be spent for the program in the coming two years. The aim is to limit the supply by conducting more prosecutions and arrests of people who are involved. For worst-case scenario, they are planning to use death penalty.

Governor Rick Scott submitted a proposal, which was signed recently. It states that $65 million is going to be funded for expansion of treatment offered within Florida. In addition, majority of opioid prescriptions will have a set limit of three days.

After the discussions during the Sessions, Smith organized a smaller meeting with officials from the law enforcement department. There they were able to discuss what needs to be done to provide aid to local communities like Franklin County so they can have drug rehab services offered to them as well.

Unlike the Los Angeles best rehab which is a private organization, Smith said that these communities will need money in order to avail these services and there is a big probability that the fund will be given by the Department of Health and Human Services.