SAP Ariba Releases Spot Buy Down Under With eBay

Office furniture in Sydney can be difficult to procure conveniently, but thankfully for businesses in the Oceania region, a recent announcement made by the business-to-business (b-to-b) marketplace, SAP Ariba should alleviate their worries.

The procurement marketplace made an announcement last March 10, stating the extension of its partnership with EBay’s Business Solutions arm to cover the Oceania region, primarily Australia and New Zealand. This deal will lead to the establishment of the Spot Buy marketplace, which will connect EBay’s best sellers to the region’s largest corporate buyers, on top of allowing one-off purchases from the site.

Specifically, Spot Buy allows procurement managers unable to find what they need for their company in SAP Ariba’s vendors, such as office furniture in Sydney or the like, can consult EBay’s listings with a single button press. The ‘spot buy’ button will list out all EBay vendors, starting with the best; those with rating of 99 or higher, but the procurers can choose to go through other sellers at their discretion.

Tony Alvarez, the general manager of Spot Buy for SAP Ariba, states that it allows for non-contracted, unplanned or spontaneous purchases in case of emergencies. This is done via the SAP Ariba system, which runs the purchase through a series of check to ensure that it fits policies. He adds that this allows spot buying, an underutilized category of spending, to come to the fore and serve companies. Alvarez further add that the system will allow their buyers to use a trusted network of decorated suppliers in order to find and purchase necessary one-off items, whilst the vendors can now contact their customers easier.

SAP Ariba Spot Buy has its roots in the US and the EU, where it was established the preceding year. Since then, it now has 1 billion listings across 20,000 categories.

In Australia, SAP Ariba’s many corporate clients, which include big names such as Commonwealth Bank, Woolworths and Fonterra, among others, will now be able to access to EBay’s local Business Solutions. A veritable behemoth of a list containing over 7 million listings consisting of stationary, office furniture, etc, all of which can help companies proceed with their businesses.