Rules For Legal Campaigns In Healthcare And Insurance Marketing Following HIPAA Regulations

Nowadays, it is common for individuals to turn to the Internet when they are looking for information related to their health and well-being. According to Pew research data, statistics has shown that around 72 per cent of online users have been searching for healthcare information via the Internet. Marketers in the same industry are also trying to adapt with the times thus, they are more focused in digital marketing strategies. The same goes with insurance marketing campaigns related to healthcare. This is the reason why the HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act have mandated that digital campaigns should be done in compliance to their regulations.

Here are the following points that marketers should keep in mind when conducting their healthcare and insurance marketing campaigns.

  • It is not acceptable to share the information provided by patients. Technology is quite advanced that it is possible for the healthcare industry to experience leaks in their system, data breaches as well as undesirable disclosures that could lead to improper use of the patient’s information both personal and medical. This is why it has been mandated by HIPAA that all channels should be fully protected during digital and marketing campaigns.
  • Images of actual patients should not be utilized. Desperate times call for desperate measures thus many resorts to using their patient’s faces in order to be the banner of their digital marketing. Any marketing campaigns should utilize models or stock photos only and not real life patients.
  • It is common for healthcare facilities to share about success stories when it comes to patient’s treatment but according to HIPAA, the privacy of the patient should not be violated and important information should not be disclosed even in private messages.
  • The marketing team handling your healthcare and insurance marketing campaigns should be well versed when it comes to HIPPA regulations. This is important because they are the ones creating the email campaigns and publishing contents that could be a cause for violation. It is important for a brand to market their products and services without violating the said rules and regulations set by HIPAA.