Relocate 2017 Discusses Relocation Agenda

For those who will be moving to a new home, a good relocation company is their best friend. So the many migrating homeowners of the world can rest easy knowing that the moving companies of the world are doing what they can to figure out ways to help their customers.

Relocate Global’s International Networking Reception 2017 went off last February 23, held in the Pall Mall Institute of Directors was host to over 100 global relocations, mobility and removal experts from all over the globe, from removalists in Australia, moving companies in Dubai, and the like, who all gathered in the London venue to discuss problems and developments in their sector.

Fiona Murchie, Relocate’s managing editor, expressed joy with the event’s proceedings, stating that it was great how many guests attended the event. People with different roles in the relocation industry, such as specialists, suppliers, etc, from across the globe, representing different sectors in society; education, commercial, etc. all of whom help moving families everywhere with their issues.

The first main topic of the meet was the Relocate Awards, regarded by the industry as a high accolade, which were currently accepting submissions for the year until the end of the month of March, something which Ms. Murchie pointed out. She states a desire to celebrate the Relocate Awards’ decennial/aluminum (ten-year) anniversary by seeing more entries, representing the innovation, dedication and excellence of the global mobility industry, covering the broad range of relocation experts and their respective areas such as finance, immigration, property, etc.

The second main point of the meet was spurring on the industry into developing innovations for the future. Ms. Murchie invited all those present at the summit to join the Gala Awards Dinner, to be held at the London Science Museum at the 11th of May. The dinner’s main goal is to demonstrate and showcase the latest in innovations, not just in relocation, but in other key fields. Ms. Murchie has stated her desire to inspire people, to get them interested not only in the typical fields of science, and the skills necessary for the workspace, but also for that drive that allows people to excel in the work environment.

The summit also discussed communication in the mobility community across the globe, stating that those in the industry should engage with both each other and their customers more.

Those international moving companies in Dubai, London, Australia, etc. may soon be implementing the big ideas presented during Relocate 2017. Whether or not that would be the case, it is always good to hear that companies are finding ways to improve themselves, not just as commercial institutions, but as members of the globe.