Reasons To Rent A Car In Chania Airport

People rent cars for different reasons. There are those who rent a car in Chania for business purposes while there are those who rent a car from Flisvos just to make their holiday an even more convenient and enjoyable one. No matter what your purpose may be, there are more benefits in hiring a car than relying on mass transport.  Here are some of those benefits:


When you have your own rented car, you can adjust or even deviate from your itinerary since you won’t have to worry about getting transportation to and from the hotel. Your flight may be delayed or you may have last minute changes on your schedule but with a rented car waiting for you at the airport, you won’t have to be hassled with hailing a cab because car rental companies are flexible and they can adjust to your time.

Secure and safe travel

With a rented car from Flisvos, there’s no need for you to think about car maintenance even if the car breaks down while you are using it. The car rental service provider will send a vehicle replacement wherever you are in Chania. Because of this, you get that peace of mind while on holiday. The car you are using is also insured thereby giving you more peace of mind as you use it.


When you rent a car in Chania, there’s no need for you to wait in line at the airport just to get a transportation that will take you to your hotel. The moment you arrive at Chania, you can just step in to the car you rented from Flisvos allowing you to save time and have more resting and enjoying the place immediately. You also do not worry about missing transportation schedules or waste your time waiting for the bus or train to arrive and take you to your preferred destination. Lastly, with a rented car from a good service provider, you will never miss a plane trip back home because you have direct control of your time.