Project Server Will No Longer Be Integrated With TFS

Project Server is under Microsoft Office and it is a solution used by many for their PPM or project portfolio management. The very foundation used by Project Server is SharePoint. One will be able to learn to use this by taking up a project server training in Brisbane. A recent announcement was made by Microsoft regarding Project Server and it states that the company is no longer integrating it with TFS or Team Foundation Server. The reason for this decision was that the customers’ expectations were not met. In order to meet the consumers’ demand, the company decided to team up with a third party which is operating under Tivitie.

According to a blog post that was published by Microsoft, the company tried reaching out with a number of consumers and asked them if they are still using the integration system that as developed between Project Server and Team Foundation Server. It turns out that almost all of the consumers asked were no longer using the system anymore.

Majority of the integrations have been left abandoned due to the tracking progress made by Agile teams which is not the same as traditional projects. With traditional projects, the entirety of the project is planned out and it measures the hours that are consumed in order to indicate the progress. Agile projects, on the other hand, are only planning based on demand. This is usually done every 2 to 3 sprints. The progress is being tracked with the use of story points rather than hours.

With this, the company has decided that the following release of TFS – TFS 15 – will no longer be integrated with Project Server. Consequently, the new major release will no longer support integration with either Visual Studio Team Services or Project Online. In order to get a deeper understanding of Project Server, it is recommended that one should undergo project server training in Brisbane. The good news is that Microsoft will still be providing support for the solutions that have already been released which includes versions TFS 2010 SP1 together with 2012, 2013 and 2015. Project server versions that will be supported will be 2007, 2010 and 2013.