Profitable Opportunities From Century-Old Reclaimed Timber

A wide variety of designs and colours that can suit any room can be created through timber wall panels made from recycled wood. Aside from gaining a natural and unique wood panel, the home becomes eco-friendly and sustainable. It also breathes life to a room and easily creates an ambiance of class and sophistication.

Nothing in nature must go to waste. When the branch of a tree falls in the forest, fungi consume its sugars and return it back to the forest floor. When a blue gill in the lake dies, it becomes the food for crayfish and raccoons. When old barns and buildings reach the end of their usable life, wood is reclaimed to meet a new demand in interior design. Reclaimed wood can be used to make furniture and feature walls.

One of the few questions is why it is important to reclaim wood from old barns and buildings when there is a vibrant industry of forest products in Wisconsin. The demand for wood products is easily satisfied by virgin raw materials through sustainable forest management. However, people are naturally frugal and they want to reuse materials instead of throwing them away.

Consumer demand is driving the market for reclaimed wood products because each piece has its own character and personality from the nail holes, patina and markings that tell a story. Many consumers are willing to pay a high price for furniture and wall panels made from reclaimed timber.

More than 55 million tons of wood waste is generated annually in the United States. About a half of the wood waste are acceptable in size, quality and condition for recovery. The quantity and quality of reclaimed wood provides a perfect opportunity to create usable products. Landfill waste is also substantially reduced. Instead of being thrown away, reclaimed wood is put to good use.

Each tile used in the manufacture of timber wall panels is timelessly unique. Its marks and nail holes can tell a story that happened centuries ago. Reclaimed wood is given a new life when it is used to create new products that breathe individuality and class. The ambiance of the living space can easily be transformed when the tiles are put together to create a timber panel.