Plus Size Women Are The New Hot

There was a time when shopping for a plus size body type is considered an agony and a challenging task, says a representative from Dale and Waters. In this modern world where everything changes and develops every waking moment, it is not surprising to see some changes when it comes to plus size apparels. What used to be a limited option and striving brands trying to make it big is making a big noise in the fashion industry nowadays. Evident to that is the list of women who are trying to change people’s perspective about plus size by breaking fashion rules and setting new standards when it comes to plus size trend.

Twenty years ago, if you think you are the only woman who struggled looking for that perfect plus sixe dress then you’re wrong. This is more a depressing case for adolescents who are trying to fit in the trendy world. When you’re a plus size and you don’t have enough choices or the ones you want are not available in your size then you have no choice but to settle for the ones that are available.

According to Essie Golden, 28, who is now a blogger and a plus size model, she had her most embarrassing moment after having purchased a pair of shorts. Since there are no trendy ones that will fit her in the Junior section, she settled for the weird looking pair and went to school wearing it. She continues to share how she and her teacher for that day have the same shorts on which made things worst.

Rachel Kacenjar, 33, now the owner and director of her plus size shop shared one of her plus size moments way back. She revealed how she went to JCPenney and saw an outfit that she loves complete with necklace accessories. It was a happy day until the salesperson told her mother that it was not available in bigger sizes. As a consolation, her mom brought her the necklace. Rachel remarks that it was the start of her accessory buying years instead of buying the whole outfit.

The good news about all these is that these women strived hard to excel in the fashion industry and is now proudly showcasing to the world the beauty of plus size.