Sailors Flock To Samui For The 16th Samui Regatta

Those tourists staying at a beachfront pool villa in Samui, will have a notable amount of yachts for the next couple of days, as participants for the 16th Samui Regatta, to be held from May 20 to 27, flock to the island in anticipation for the event.

500 sailors from across the glove, from places as far as Australia and Europe, participating in the prestigious, season-long yachting event, the Asian Yachting GP. For the past 16 years, including this one, the GP’s final event has been the Samui Regatta; five whole days of competitive yachting near the island, across the Gulf of Thailand’s warm waters.

The Race Director for the AYGP, Simon James, has stated that the island remains the premier destination for the final event of the championship due to the great conditions there, fit for both sailing and the revelries that accompany it.

Director James expressed excitement regarding the event’s lineup, composed of international sailors interested in the AYGP, including top yachters, returning champions, and sailors with storied championship histories.

Tourists can watch the sailing from the views of their beachfront pool villa in Samui, and watch as the multinational crew of the 76-ft long Jelik, led by Frank Pong, go against other yachters, including 3 Transpac 52 class yachts, piloted by three separate teams: the defending champion, THA 72 (ex Provezza), Team Hollywood from Australia, led by Ray Roberts, and Freefire from Hong Kong, skippered by Sam Chan. On top of all of that, the AYGP 2011 winner Marcel Liedts returns, bringing his Ker 46 Zannekinagainst the larger boats at the Regatta. On top of those participants, the fast forties division of the AYGP, the IRC 1, is slated to be packed, with participants from the US, Australia and China, hoping to usurp the lead of HK’s Ker 43 Black Baza.

The regatta will kick off on the 20th of May with youth sailing, which will continue until the following day, and ended with the opening party, held at the Brazilian Grill & Bar. After that, are five days’ worth of racing for keelboats and multihull classes, accompanied by daily awarding on the beaches, with the 25th as a Reserve Day. On the 27th, Saturday, the regatta formally closes with a Gala Dinner, held and sponsored by the Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui.

The event is supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and has put the island of Koh Samui on the map as a global sports destination.

For tourists thinking their beachfront pool villa in Samui isn’t providing a good enough view, a spectator boat, provided for the event by Serenity Yachting, leaves Chaweng Beach near the Centara Grand Beach Resort every race day, costing 800 THB per person per day.


4 Easy Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

Mindfulness meditation is known to provide several benefits to practitioners. These benefits include boosting of the immune system, enhancement of the cognitive functions, increase in creativity and many more. However, most people do not have time to do formal meditation as it would require time and a conducive environment. The good thing about mindfulness meditation exercises is that you can do it practically anywhere and even while doing your usual daily routines. Here are some mindful exercises that you can do on an average day.

Walking Meditation

If you take 10-15 minutes of walking on a regular basis, you can do so mindful exercise while you are at it. Choose a less distractive area if you can. While walking, focus on the sensation of your feet touching the ground. Then you can turn your focus on your breathing then the different parts of your body. Do this part by part. When your mind wanders, gently take it back to your point of focus.

While Eating

One of the mindfulness meditation exercises that you can do is the eating meditation. While eating focus your attention on the food you eat, of its taste, its texture inside your mouth and even on its smell. Chew your food a little longer than you usually do. You don’t have to this the entire meal. Just a few minutes to practice the meditation exercise.

Mindful Listening

There are countless sounds and noises going on around you all at the same time. You can easily get distracted with all these. To practice mindfulness, focus on a specific sound and listen to it attentively without judgment. When a thought enters your mind or if it remembers something, take your mind back to the sound and let it flow within you.

When Brushing

There are several mindfulness meditation exercises that you can practice while doing simple activities. One of these is activities is brushing. When brushing, your mind easily wanders to the things you need to do for the days, bills to pay and emails to respond to. To meditate while brushing, focus on your toothbrush’s movements and to the taste of your toothpaste.


Tom Hanks Shared Tidbits Of Vacation With The Obamas

It was only a few weeks ago when the world went a little bit crazy after knowing that a luxury cruise that explored Tahiti was carrying the best group of people – the Obamas, Tom Hans, Bruce Springsteen and Oprah Winfrey. One could only dream about going on a cruise with such people but there are other companies that offer yacht charter such as Five Star Sea Cruises based in Phuket, Thailand.

A person’s imagination can only go wild with assumptions of what they may be talking about. The former president of the country together with his First Lady is aboard a luxury ship along with the best in the world when it comes to music, acting and talk show.

The sad fact is that none of the parties are willing to share the details of the cruise and what went on in there.

People tried interviewing Oprah regarding what happened during their vacation at the ultra luxury yacht, she just gave a blunt response about how she can’t talk about the event. She also added that whatever happened on the boat will be staying there for the rest of their lives. It looks like she has no intention of spilling the beans, ever.

The yacht where the group has gathered is aptly named as The Rising Sun and it is 137 meters long. It is ranked as the 11th of the largest yacht there is in the world. Their cruise consisted of a visit to the islands in the French Polynesian.

During that time, the trouble started to stir as shared by the actor Tom Hanks during his appearance with Stephen Colbert on his talk show called The Late Show. The actor shared that they decided to rent bikes in order to go to the shore for sightseeing.

He shared how there are a wide array of bikes to choose from except for one and it unfortunately landed to him. While he may have shared a wonderful joke, he also expressed how fantastic the experience was. You may not be able to ride a luxury yacht with these famous personalities but you can be sure to experience the same wonder through yacht charters offered by companies in Phuket such as Five Star Sea Cruises.



Danish Brands Foresees Growth In Chinese Market

TMall Global has a wide reach of consumers all over the world, with more than 400 million just in China. These consumers love to shop in Alibaba’s e-commerce stores. Currently, Tmall Global has launched a “Denmark Pavilion” showcasing Danish products and services.

There are different Danish companies taking part in this Pavilion. Danish brands in various industries are presenting their products and services to the Chinese markets to continuously promote the goods that they have to offer to the millions of Chinese customers. Note that these companies are also already selling their stuff in the Tmall Global and, Alibaba’s domestic B2C shopping site via their own websites but the pavilion provides them another venue to display their wares.

Different brands from various industries such as fashion, home, electronics, and food took part in this event. Together with delegates from both China and Denmark present in the opening of the event, representatives from the 30 exclusively selected Danish brands were also in attendance. Some attendees were CEOs and Board of Directors members from companies and brands like makers of Danish watches, Lars Larsen Watches. Jacob Jensen Design, industrial designer, and footwear maker, ECCO were also in attendance. This is the dedicated venue to exhibit the products that they are creating to share Danish culture through its products. Denmark now joins a long list of countries such as the United States, Germany, and Australia to open pavilions in Tmall Global.

The opening of the celebration was broadcasted via live feed over the internet reaching millions of Chinese viewers. This broadcast was used to promote the different Danish brands especially for the new ones such as the dairy products from Arla and baby furniture by Flex to introduce them to the Chinese market. This event also bore witness to a memorandum of agreement between Alibaba and the nations to help boost Denmark exports to China. It has been said that this action will provide the Danish market direct access to Chinese middle-class consumers market.

Hopefully, this will be one of the successful ways for the continuous growth and development of the relations between these two countries. It is also notable that this agreement has come just after the state initiative of allowing more visitors between the two countries.


3 Reasons To Shop At NRL Clothing Online Store

Online shopping is how people are buying their supplies and items, nowadays. NRL aficionados are doing just the same. Fans and even those who are not into NRL they have loved ones who are into rugby, would also buy from NRL clothing online store for their needed merchandise. You can find all sorts of online shops that offer various items but always go for authentic products and you can only find them at the official NRL dealer. Aside from the guaranteed authenticity of the items, your purchases can also be delivered to your preferred address for free or at a minimal shipping cost.

Convenient shopping

If you want a convenient shopping experience, the only way to go is an NRL clothing online store. When you shop online, you no longer have to drive down to the shopping mall of spend on fuel just to get what you want. There is also no need to dress up so you can buy a cap or shirt with your team’s logo on it. As a matter of fact, you can shop in your most comfortable garb, right at the comforts of your room. You can also shop during lunch break at your office or practically anywhere so long as you have an internet ready gadget and internet connection.

More affordable items

Compared to shopping malls and offline sources, online shops are proven to be cheaper without compromising the items’ quality. They are cheaper because online shops do not have to spend on their physical stores and on operational expenses that are associated with it. There are online suppliers that can even offer their merchandise on a free shipping option and for customers like you, this means another opportunity for you to save.

No multitude of crowdsand shoppers

Buying from an NRL clothing online store means you can get away with lining up on long queues to pay for the items. You can also avoid heavy crowds in big malls which can be stressful. This means you don’t have to deal with other people and heavy crowds just to shop.


3 Things To Remember When Buying Kawasaki Motorcycles For Sale

If you have the money, you may think that buying one of those Kawasaki motorcycles for sale would already be that easy. It can be but if you want to save money and be certain on the quality of your purchase, it would be best to consider a few things before finalizing your decision. Kawasaki bikes can be expensive. They can even be considered as an investment so to ensure that you will not waste your money on a wrong decision, consider these few points before making a purchase.

Create a budget

The type of bike that you will buy will be determined by the availability of your budget. You can purchase a bike based on your budget and you can do it in two ways; one is to set a budget and look for Kawasaki bikes that suits the amount or you can shop around to determine the average selling price of Kawasaki motorcycles for sale and allocate a budget for the price. Aside from the unit itself, consider the other necessary expenses in relation to the bike such as its insurance, title transfers, riding gears and accessories and taxes. Ask the supplier for other necessary expenses related to the bike.

Gather information about the unit

A wise bike buyer would know that there are other important factors to consider when buying a bike aside from its physical appearance. For instance, a bike’s engine is more important that its aesthetic appeal.  So before you purchase a bike, learn more about its specifications, its fuel consumption, mobility, performance and of course, it’s selling price. If you are shopping offline, talk to the mechanic for more information and request for a test drive.

Check the insurancecosts

When buying a bike, you are required by law to purchase insurance for the unit. Depending on the type of bike, some bike insurance can be expensive especially for high-end or luxury ones such as Kawasaki motorcycles for sale. The payment scheme for the unit can vary from one dealer to another so make it a point to research before sealing the deal.