Why Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

If you visit a fitness center or commercial gym, you may sometimes be asked why you need a personal trainer. Of course, you’ll get various answers from those working out in a facility. The reason why you get advice from these professional people is driven by sales targets and that they want to build their business. So let’s start from the very beginning why you need to work out with a professional trainer and here are three reasons why:

  • Results Seem Impossible

There are those who start an exercise regime with weight loss in mind and work really hard for many days, weeks, months and even years but don’t get positive results. If you work with a great personal trainer, he will have you accomplish an extensive pre-exercise screening questionnaire and will work with you into meeting your goals, motivation and prior exercise history. They need to understand what you are and where you are heading to, so they can provide an exercise and nutrition plan that is most suited for your needs. The screening will have them assess your weight, measure your girth, etc. so you improve your future measurements.

  • Want to Know Where to Start

A professional trainer worth spending your money will never assume you know anything about exercise and nutrition. If they assume you know how to develop workouts, then you will learn the safest, most efficient ways to build your strength, cardio vascular fitness and insure against unnecessary injuries. Most people who come to the gym have no idea what to do with their exercise and safety, that’s why they resort to having a personal trainer.

  • The Same Old Workouts May Have Bored You

Based from personal experience, you need to change your workout on a regular basis, and mix it with various cross-training options, so you can continue working out. If you work with a professional trainer, he will review your progress, how your body adapts to the exercise, and assess your motivation. If you have grown less interested in the exercise, the trainer will add some variety to keep you interested and challenged.

There are more exercises a personal trainer can teach you in a gym or fitness center. He works to make you exercise in your own way. Soon you’ll discover that you have reached your target with good techniques.


ECIA Issues Warning Regarding Counterfeit Parts

The US’s Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA), has issued a warning via its Chief Counsel, Robin Gray, regarding counterfeit electronic parts, which have become more problematic during component shortages, regardless of industry. The ECIA encourages the electronic industry to stick to the authorized channels for parts, as well as to report any counterfeit activity or product to the Depart of Justice.

ECIA, it says, is working on keeping an eye on the electronic industry is going through thanks to component shortage, which has hit the industries most reliant on multi-layer ceramic capacitors, such as automotive parts manufacturing. Counsel Gray says that the ECIA is working on dealing with these problems, though these conditions are expected to persist for the most of 2018.

The ECIA’s biggest concern is that customers will turn to alternative, and less-than-legal sources for their components in order to meet their production quotas, which they say is understandable, but puts a lot of people , and the industry itself, at risk, as it means that counterfeit components might get into the supply chain.

The DOJ, meanwhile, have expressed concerns about public health and safety when it comes to dealing with counterfeits, releasing a fairly lengthy statement attach to a grant proposal for law enforcement, saying that counterfeit products are becoming more and more widespread and sophisticated, thanks, in part, to the internet. The statement says that these counterfeit products are invading any industry they can, from counterfeit pharmaceuticals to counterfeit automotive parts, and they are putting consumers across the country at risk.

As a result of the DOJ’s increased awareness of the issue at hand, they have stepped up their enforcement. The DOJ has been making inquiries on any companies suspected of selling counterfeit electrical components. One such inquiry led to an arrest having been made in Orange County, California, with charges being leveled against Rogelio Vasquez, owner of PRB Logics Corporation. The charges were related to selling old integrated circuits made to pass as new.

The case will be prosecuted by the Cyber & Intellectual Property Crimes Section’s Assistant United States Attorney Lisa E. Feldman, whilst the complaint seeking forfeiture of the seized funds was filed by Assistant United States Attorney Steven R. Welk, the Chief of the DOJ’s Asset Forfeiture Section.


Useful Tips For The First Time Visitor To Bangkok

One of the perks of living in Thailand where the weather is always warm is being able to experience rooftop dining in Sukhumvit with the backdrop of a picture-perfect city. Both locals and expats enjoy the experience of good food and wine in a very convenient location. The intimate and chic restaurant sets the mood for an enjoyable evening.

Bangkok is a city that you will love to explore because of several attractions suitable for a business or leisure traveller. There are temples, shopping malls, rooftop dining restaurants, canal rides and bustling markets. However, since Bangkok is a big city, it also has its share of scams which you can avoid by doing a little research.

In Bangkok, there is a tourist price and a local price. While you cannot avoid the tourist price, make a research on the best locations where you can save money. It is also wise to know beforehand the present exchange rates for the Thai baht.

There are many third-party booking sites with very attractive prices for accommodations. Make sure though that it is not so far from the city. Booking through third-party websites can be dangerous if you do not have direct access to where you will be staying because you might not get your money back if you want to transfer to a better hotel. If you book directly with a hotel website, there are many discounts and perks offered.

When you are in a strange place, always be extra careful with your belongings. Big cities mean more pickpockets. Invest in a fanny or money belt that you can wear underneath the clothing; otherwise, try to place your bag in front and not at the back where it is easier for criminals to access.

Avoid taxis so that you will not be overcharged. Bangkok has reliable public transport where you can ride for a cheap price. It is also guaranteed to bring you safely to your destination.

If you are going to eat out, a better option is rooftop dining in Sukhumvit where you get more value for the money paid. It might be more expensive than ordinary restaurants but the view of the city in late evening and the delicious food and drinks are definitely worth it.


Myanmar Experiencing Troubles Despite Economic Growth

The country of Myanmar has a good outlook for the future its economy according to forecasts of the ADB and the IMF, which is good news for hotels in Myanmar and for people everywhere in the country.

According to the Deputy Minister for Planning and Finance Maung Maung Win, however, there’s a wrinkle in that good news, which he talked about at the CEO Conference in Novotel Hotel in the city back in the 11th of May. He says that despite the ADB’s and the IMF’s good forecasts, people across the country are experiencing hardships.

He says that the good forecasts were extrapolated by the ADB and the IMF via studying the country’s finances and economic growth rate, with the Ministry of Planning and Finance keeping an eye on Myanmar’s economic conditions.

Data from those organizations have shown good estimates for the country’s economic growth rate, which stays at a particularly high level, however, the predicted growth dropped down a bit thanks to  the natural disasters that have struck the country within the past two years, which was expected to be higher, but only sat at 5.9%.

In the fiscal years of 2016-17 and 2017-18, Myanmar’s economic growth rates went up, and is expected to continue growing in the fiscal year of 2018-19, hitting 7% as per the estimates of the aforementioned institutes. The data from the ADB and the IMF expect the growth rate to retain its strong state, which, for any industries and hotels in Myanmar, is good news. These good conditions will beeven more noticeable thanks to the inflation rate’s recent changes.

Myanmar’s inflation rate has gone down to below 6%, compared to the previous two years’ inflation rate of more than 6%, according to data from a report released on the Asian Development Outlook 2018.

Vice-Governor of the Central Bank of Myanmar, Soe Thein, says that the central bank will not pay budget deficits in 2020 to stabilise the inflation rate, instead opting to solve it via the sales of exchange certificates and treasury bonds.

Currently, Myanmar has an average monthly inflation rate of 4.5%, with the ministry working to keep the inflation rate below 5.5%. In January, the inflation rate sat at 4.40%, with the average inflation rate for the six-month fiscal year expected to sit at about 4.89% according to the Union Minister for Planning and Finance, Kyaw Win.


When To Use High Quality School Chairs And Other Furniture

A school will need school chairs, tables and shelves for the comfort and aesthetics of a classroom. These also need to be functional in classroom environments so students will learn their lessons well. The school furniture has to serve its purpose for students, so they need to be durable and of high quality to make them last for several years. The kind of students using the classroom and the kind of teaching in classrooms will depend on what furniture is needed. As there are many students using the facility, there should be hundreds or even thousands of school furniture to suit each one’s needs. Therefore, you have the right budget to spend for all your school’s classrooms.

Furniture Requirement for Each Types of Classrooms

The type of furniture provided in classrooms will depend on the type of teaching the teachers will do. If it is a laboratory, you need school chairs and tables that withstand fire and some chemical stains. You need to ensure safety and resistance within this room. For art rooms, you need stools and easels for students to draw and paint conveniently. If it’s a computer room, it will need school furniture appropriate for students to study the computer. The various subjects that students need to learn will be the determining factor on how school furniture will be provided.

Furniture Requirement for Each Type of School

The age of the student will decide the type of classroom furniture to be provided in school. When it’s a school for young children, you need school chairs and tables that come small in height for them. There is no strict compliance for the school furniture like those offered to older children. The playschool is more of an experimentation, and can be defined by the school management. For secondary schools, the furniture will come in standard design. For students with special needs, there should be a classroom table most fitted for their height. Depending on how the classrooms are used will determine the type of furniture to be used.

Furniture like school chairs and tables will make students learn their lessons with ease. Teachers too need tables to perform their teaching job to the class in an orderly fashion.


How An Embedded Computer Works?

An embedded computer is incorporated into another device. It is not used as a standalone computer nor is it recognised as a computer device. However, they manage the quality and functionality of the device. For this reason, there is a rising need for embedded computers. It means a rising number of computing power, integration and connectivity on technology.

Everyday products and places are eventually the result of computers being embedded. It has become a major trend where an embedded computer is integrated into a device that doesn’t need a computer anymore. Consider the changes taking place with modern cars. They are taking over the basic functions like the navigation and braking systems. So here are markets that are benefiting the usage of embedded computers:

  • Healthcare

Healthcare technology has been an emphasis to most hospital and care facilities. This technology is now used as a tool to enhance patient satisfaction and to emphasise patient centered care. For this purpose, embedded computers are incorporated in many healthcare devices like the pacemaker and medical wearables.

  • Consumer Electronics

Embedded computers have played a vital role in the development of consumer electronics. Just think about cameras, televisions and phones that are now considered ‘smart’. Their added features are a result to modern technology, which are actually results of embedded computers.

  • Industry

Industrial applications have improved to be more efficient due to embedded computers. These systems are not integrated in factory controllers, paint mixing machines, and even traffic lights. They have made jobs in the industry simpler and more convenient.

Another example of the usage of an embedded computer is the ATM machines. Because of it, the machine can dispense money to everyone accessing it.

  • Home Electronics

Home intelligence and automation are the results of the incorporation of embedded computers. An intelligent home owns home appliances that don’t require inputs from humans. One example is the self-regulating thermostats, which can be controlled using an application. There is also the washing machine, dishwasher and the overused microwave.

  • Offices

An office environment will need computers to be able to function well. However, we are not talking about the standalone computers, but the embedded computer integrated to your calculator, clever office phone and wireless printer connected to your desktop PC.