The Campaign To Distribute Water Filters To Communities In Need

Filter media is a critical component of water filtration system to ensure that people are drinking clean and safe water from their taps. When water is contaminated, it can result into waterborne diseases like diarrhea, schistosomiasis and malaria. Sadly, there are still communities that do not have access to clean water supply.

Pure Drift is a non-profit organization that has launched an Earthcrowdfunder Campaign in order to fund the distribution and installation of filter media in communities that lack access to clean water. The Drifters will drive from Los Angeles, California to Guayaquil, Ecuador with stops along the Pacific Coast in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia.

The Drifters will visit communities located near schools, orphanages and hospitals to install water filters as well as provide information on the importance of safe and clean water. Both parents and children will be trained on how to prevent waterborne diseases and how these diseases will be treated.

The Drifters has estimated that they will be using around 200 filters including equipment as well as cash for permits, border fees and their five dollar-a-day youthful food budget. The most critical component of their campaign is the water filters because each bucket-mounted filter will cost about $50 but it is capable of cleaning one million gallons of water to provide for enough clean drinking water for 100 people in 5 years.

The investment works out for less than one cent a day to provide for 5 years’ worth of clean drinking water. Pure Drift hopes to raise at least $7,500 to fund their trip and campaign. The Drifters are committed to helping as many people as they can in vulnerable communities. People have a fundamental right to clean water and they do not have to struggle to provide safe drinking water for their families.

Pure Drift has visited Mexico three times since they formed their organization and each time they have installed filter media and provided information to people. The group is also gaining much knowledge on what to expect during their road trip, the realities of local conditions and the equipment that they will need.


A Proposal: Train Surgeons Using Gaming Technology

At LES Glasgow, medical experts in the field of eye surgery are more than happy to help you regain your impaired vision. Eye surgery is one of the most common surgeries conducted these days and the number of practitioners who are engaged in this particular field of medicine has lately increased. Even in other surgical operations, there have been plenty of interested students. Today, different approaches in introducing the surgical lessons and operating patients have emerged. Recently, the so-called “virtual reality operation” has surfaced. This particular unique test is conduct as part of a study into how the virtual headset can benefit in conducting surgical trainings.

Gaming community enraged

In the first quarter of this year, Facebook acquired Oculus VR, the developers of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. They acquired the technology for a total amount of $2 billion. This purchase angered the gaming community. According to the gaming community, the Rift is considered to be the next big evolution in gaming and the people in the industry did not welcome Facebook meddling with their businesses. They threw suspicions on the information giant.

For instance, right after the announcement that Rift was taken over by the people in Facebook, the creator of Minecraft immediately tweeted his resentments and said that he cancelled his deal to bring Minecraft with Rift. He added that the deal with Rift and Facebook scared him out.

People in the gaming world were unenthusiastic with the plans of Mark Zuckerberg of the technology. The social media giant seemed no longer interested that the primary interest of Rift be geared towards gaming. The Facebook CEO instead announced that the team would be making Oculus Rift as a new means of communication platform.

Virtual reality surgery

There are groups that have been experimenting with the technology within the context of medicine practices. Last month, surgeons, scientists and videographers collaborated together for the first ever “Oculus Rift operation”.

This project was conceived by a French engineer who is also a VR enthusiast, Remi Rousseau with the support of his physician wife. They both identified the potential of the technology to be a training machine for surgeons.


Getting The Perfect Boiler For Your Family’s Convenience

Boiler servicing can be very challenging. If you are searching for a company to repair and install your boilers, you need to approach the best servicing company. But in order to avoid problems related with your boilers, you should first get the perfect boiler.

When you choose the right boiler, it could slash the amount of energy bills that you are paying to power companies. An efficient and effective boiler will also keep you warm and will supply your family with hot water. It is in this light that you need to learn about the three major kinds of boilers which will greatly help you improve your financial stance.

Combination boilers
The combination boilers are found in about 70 percent of households. This type of boiler uses a gas central heating in fueling the radiators and in providing hot water. The combination boilers combine the functions of a basically hot-water cylinder or traditional boiler and a cold water tank into a single unit. The combination boilers are compact and are relatively easy to use. They are perfect for use in homes with small spaces and with only a single bathroom. But if you have a large family, you might struggle when using the combination boiler. You will not be able to run hot water coming from two sources at the same time.

Sealed system boilers
The system boilers are more ideal for bigger homes that have multiple bathrooms and with several occupants. The sealed system boilers use cylinder storages in order to provide both hot water and central heating to homes. The disadvantage to this is that you will have to wait for a longer time in order for the water to be heated in the storage cylinder.

Open vent boilers
The open vent boilers are also called heating only boilers which provides central heating to the household and hot water through a boiler. The open vent boilers have a very high rate of water flow which makes them the perfect boilers when you want to take a very quick shower. However, you still need to wait for the hot water to run out.


Here Is The Most Useless Website In The World

In this digital age, Perth websites can be considered as one of the most useful things in the world. Websites can portray many roles. They can be a useful resource for information, a way for people to connect with one another, and a medium for business making.

Since the Internet has become the symbol of the modern age and a global hotspot for opportunities, it is the epitome of usefulness as it is also accessible to every person. Due to this reason, one person found it funny to launch a website that seemingly contradicts the usefulness and accessibility of websites. To put it simply, he launched the most useless website the world has ever known. is the website that was founded by Justin Foley and true to its name; it is very exclusive allowing only one person to access it at a time.
For you to be able to access the site, you must request a ticket that will enable you to access a sixty-second window. Since the website only enables one person to access it at a time, you can expect the number of people waiting in line. As of Tuesday, there are only about 40,000 people that you need to get behind.

According to Justin Foley, who is a web developer from Columbus, Ohio, the idea for just came to him. He says that he wanted to create a website that has qualities that are contradicting to what websites should be. Since websites are meant to be easily accessible for people, his website was designed to be the exact opposite.

The site was first launched in March after Foley wanted to try a new programming framework but it was when Johnny Webber ranked it first among completely useless websites this week, when people started visiting the site.

A lot of people have actually waited in line just to get a glimpse of what the site is really about but some are unfortunate enough to miss their queues.
Now, for those who are wondering what the contents of Foley’s website are, why not visit it yourselves so that you can prove whether or not it truly is the most useless website in the internet.


Private Vehicles Cause Controversy In State

Private transfers or simply known as private vehicles for hire are very convenient anywhere around the world. Technology has definitely made things a lot easier on that area. They have now produced a brand new way for technology to resurface in its own kind. Different and more convenient versions of taxis are now circulating around the world. One most common business that offers these services is Uber.

Uber is very well known all around the world. It is a business based in San Francisco, California. It allows passengers to book cars through their smartphones, with the use of an app. With just one click, they can rent a car, whichever is vacant and close to their location. GPS is used to locate the passenger booking and the car they are going to book. Giving their credit card details to the app, there is no need to pay cash at the end of the journey. The amount is directly charged to their credit card and they can walk out without the hassle of paying cash and asking for change. This app allows users to see ratings of the drivers also from their previous passengers.

However, in Perth, Western Australia, the use of this app has been more controversial than any others. Taxi drivers are fighting the usage of this app so operators and their drivers won’t go out of business. Passengers now are most likely to use Uber than taxis already since it is safer and more reliable, plus the lesser hassle. Investigators are also now being involved in the controversy because such information has been released that the app has allowed certain users to be blocked from their services due to reasons that are about to be known.

The Department of Transport spokesperson stated that in a rapidly changing environment, of innovation and technology that has disrupted human kind in its own way, regulators must also innovate as well. The department recently stated during a budget estimates hearing that Uber had taken almost as much as 20% of Perth’s market. Uber spokesperson said that their company is looking forward to speaking with the state’s premier to try to find legal clarity on the issue. Although Uber has made a positive impact on the state, the Department of Transport still pursued its tender for investigation.

The citizens may not be agreeable on spending their taxes on stopping services such as private vehicles for that is more convenient to them. But the department believes that law must be properly enforced on their state as well as any other.


Plus Size Women Are The New Hot

There was a time when shopping for a plus size body type is considered an agony and a challenging task, says a representative from Dale and Waters. In this modern world where everything changes and develops every waking moment, it is not surprising to see some changes when it comes to plus size apparels. What used to be a limited option and striving brands trying to make it big is making a big noise in the fashion industry nowadays. Evident to that is the list of women who are trying to change people’s perspective about plus size by breaking fashion rules and setting new standards when it comes to plus size trend.

Twenty years ago, if you think you are the only woman who struggled looking for that perfect plus sixe dress then you’re wrong. This is more a depressing case for adolescents who are trying to fit in the trendy world. When you’re a plus size and you don’t have enough choices or the ones you want are not available in your size then you have no choice but to settle for the ones that are available.

According to Essie Golden, 28, who is now a blogger and a plus size model, she had her most embarrassing moment after having purchased a pair of shorts. Since there are no trendy ones that will fit her in the Junior section, she settled for the weird looking pair and went to school wearing it. She continues to share how she and her teacher for that day have the same shorts on which made things worst.

Rachel Kacenjar, 33, now the owner and director of her plus size shop shared one of her plus size moments way back. She revealed how she went to JCPenney and saw an outfit that she loves complete with necklace accessories. It was a happy day until the salesperson told her mother that it was not available in bigger sizes. As a consolation, her mom brought her the necklace. Rachel remarks that it was the start of her accessory buying years instead of buying the whole outfit.

The good news about all these is that these women strived hard to excel in the fashion industry and is now proudly showcasing to the world the beauty of plus size.