How To Make Your Shipments More Brandable

It is important for every business entity that its brand gets noticed by its target market. So how do you make sure that your brand will grab the attention of your potential clients? Here are some ways:

  • Custom shipping boxes. Making custom boxes will surely elevate your product’s appeal. From a simple single color designs crafted on regular cardboard upgrade it to a more premium grade printing on the entire box which can give your package a look which will allow the customer to identify it immediately. The best part of this is that you can just fully customize the look of it online and then get a quote instantaneously without having to wait. For greater variety and to take advantage of wholesale discounts, you can look for quality but cheap providers online.
  • Custom shipping bags. If you want to add a bit more of sophistication to your products then uses some custom shipping bags. You can totally ship your product in the style that you want whether that is from a simple merchandise bag to a high-end fabric or gourmet bag. You can also complete the look with ribbons, bows, crinkle cut fillers and others. Choose those products which are also eco friendly. You can look for companies online to help you in your creative design and also seek the advice from friends who are high in spatial intelligence.
  • Shipping peanuts. If you want to go eco-friendly then the best material for you is the biodegradable shipping peanuts. These are fully non-toxic and are static resistant at the same time. The shipping peanuts are also safe around pets and kids and are likewise sustainable. They are made with corn starch and are designed to stack up even with their toughest conventional competitor the polystyrene. They provide improved cushioning against impacts and stacking when the products are in shipment. What is even more desirable is that they dissolve instantly in water and hence would not harm your pipes and they can also be used in your compost.

These shipping supplies when used efficiently will make an impact to your customers.


Double Digit Growth For Online Retail In The UK

According to the latest figures from IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Index Show, in the United Kingdom online retail growth has returned to its double digit growth in September. If you will compare the same period last year, online retail enjoyed a 12% increase. The Index has also grown by 10% in the last quarter of 2015.As the online retail sector prepares for the holiday season, the year-to-date growth remains at 10%.

The biggest growth in the online retail sector was registered in the home sector department where there was an increase of 47% year-on-year. After a disappointing 2015, the electronic sector saw a spike of 6.4% in September mainly due to the release of iPhone6. A Summer Bank Holiday that fell in the first week on September boosted September performance and helped the Index grow by 8%. However, growth is still lower than what was expected.

Another reason for growth in the retail growth is the Indian summer that swept many parts of the country. Parents had to buy back-to-school clothing which apparently helped the clothing sector to gain a 12% year-on-year growth. Sales made through mobile devices whether the smartphone or the tablet computer saw an annual increase of 41% in September. Year-to-date growth was 43% for 2015 compared to 46% for the same period last year.

While it is reassuring to see the Index return to its double digit growth, it is not as strong as the sector would have liked. Retailers are actually expecting a better performance with Rugby World Cup, the warm weather and the Bank Holiday. Christmas is fast approaching and Black Friday is just around the corner. It would be rather interesting to watch British shoppers intentionally hold back on the heavy discounting that the season brings.

Customers can easily access your store 24/7 from the comfort of their living rooms or offices if you have a website. You can visit Perth Web Design so that you can easily gain online presence. Online presence is crucial to generate more sales from the visitors of your site. The more professional your site, the more leads and conversions can be made.


A Suspected Chinese Thief In Thailand Ingested Diamond To Escape Capture

In Thailand, doctors took out a diamond from a Chinese woman’s stomach after she allegedly swallowed it with the hope of a successful smuggling. She is now out of the hospital after the successful procedure.

She will have to explain herself in court on Monday. According to police, the 39-year-old woman swapped a diamond worth $278,000 with a counterfeit gem during an ornament fair in North Bangkok.

After the theft, she attempted to escape the country unnoticed by swallowing the gem. Her attempt to flee failed because agents arrested her in Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. X-ray revealed the gem stocked in her stomach as she tried to get across the airport. She had a 33-year old Chinese man companion who was also apprehended.

Authorities tried laxatives to dislodge the diamond but to no avail so they had to call a doctor to take out the gem. Police Colonel Mana Tienmuangpak said she was doing well so she was discharged from the hospital. Police colonel added that the alleged smuggler would be brought to the Provincial Court of Nonthaburi. She will have to decide on court if she wants to return to custody while authorities carry on with the investigation.

The spokeswoman of Police General Hospital, Police Lieutenant Colonel Anchulee Theerawongpaisal, reported that surgeons removed the diamond from her lower colon using a colonoscope and other instruments. The procedure lasted for 12 minutes, it was a usual medical procedure only this time a $278,000 worth gem was involved, she added.

This was not the first time for thieves who extremely want to escape capture to ingest gems. Offenders do desperate measures to do crimes so ADT Alarm Systems are necessary for protection.

A robber who stole a gem in Spain was detained when authorities caught him and coerced him to have an X-ray in a checkpoint on September 2011.

Another man was caught in Australia’s Airport after x-ray detected that he swallowed a pink diamond worth $180,000 on February 2014. However the gem was not recovered. He was convicted and sent to jail but he did not yet admit what happened to the diamond.



Bombings In Bangkok Threaten The Country’s Tourism Industry

150818134033-bangkok-bomb-day-1-super-169It is popular for travelers in Thailand to Rent Villas in Phuket. Although the tourism in Thailand has been threatened lately by the bombings in Bangkok, tourism representatives are hopeful that the tourism industry will rebound soon.

The threat

In recent years, the tourism in Thailand has reportedly doubled but with the increasing terrorist threat in the country brought about by the bombings last month, the industry is expected to face a downtrend. In response to the bombings in the capital city of Thailand, countries all over the globe warned their people from traveling to the Asian country.

The US embassy in Bangkok constantly urged travelers to be on high alert and maintain high vigilance in monitoring news updates after two bombs exploded in public places. The bombing near the Shrine at Erawan killed 20 people and sent at least another 100 people to hospital because of injuries.

A German traveler confided that he did not anticipate that something like that would happen in Bangkok. He along with his wife chose to vacation in Thailand because the country seemed to be safe.

Other travel warnings to Thailand:

  • The security bureau of Hong Kong urged countrymen to adjust their travel plans and avoid trips which are not really essential like leisure travel to Bangkok. They dubbed the place as a significant threat.
  • China is telling its citizens to always remain alert when travelling to Thailand. This was after four Chinese nationals who were touring the country were killed in the recent bombings.
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia notified its citizens to have a high degree of caution when travelling in Thailand. The citizens were further urged to stay clear from demonstrations or other political rallies and avoid going to the southern provinces of the country. The department announced that the security situation in the country remains volatile.

Thailand heavily depends on its tourism industry in boosting its economy. The tourism industry totals 9 percent of the country’s economy as reported by the World Travel and Tourism Council. In China, tourism only accounts for at about 2.6 percent of its economy, 2.7 percent for Australia and at least 3 percent in the United States of America.


$200,000 For Australia’s Best Wedding

Best service in wedding car hire in Perth makes weddings more memorable by allowing bridal couples a wide range of choice for high end transport. Limousines have become the trend for weddings because booking for one has become rather affordable. On the other hand, weddings do not happen every day and it only right for a wedding couple to make it the most memorable day of their life by renting a limo ride.

No one knows the real price tag of lavish weddings and it is often difficult to estimate how much has been spent when you hire four helicopters, a flyover by a fighter jet and a fleet of limos and super cars. The sport cars alone are worth about $50 million which gives people an insight on how much the wedding of Mehager and bride Aysha cost.

The four helicopters that were used in Australia’s Best Wedding were chartered from Sydney Helicopters. Although the owner Mark Howard did not divulge the actual cost, helicopters are chartered at a rate of $2,000 per hour. The flight records of the helicopters as photographed revealed that they were active from 8:47 AM to 10:52 AM. For two hours the bill was estimated at $16,000 but there is certainly no price for a stylish arrival.

Investigations on the fighter jets reveal that the cost is about $100 a minute from the time it takes off to landing. There were no confirmation on the details of the charter but was said the adventure flights probably reached $2,400 for 20 minutes to make a flyover. The flyover is definitely the most expensive considering the processes necessary to gain approval.

The procession of stretch limos, Ferraris and Lamborghinis do not come cheap. Lamborghinis can be rented for $1000 for three hours while stretch limos cost about $1,200 for the same period. Mehager probably used some of his own cars but the wedding gained public attention when he hit two pedestrians.

Other wedding expenses include the security team headed by former football player John Hopoate and the extravagant pre-wedding video that included a crew of cinematographer, assistant, sound engineer and narrator. From cursory investigation, the wedding extravaganza could probably cost $200,000 although this seems to be an underestimation.


Revolutionizing Home Design Space Through Technology

Buying a new home can be an overwhelming experience but it is also exciting because of the opportunities for home designs that will match with the lifestyle. A new home can be incorporated with the latest in contemporary styling so that it can look like a display home. There is also the option of home designs that reflect on your unique personality and taste.

In Bangalore, there is a home décor startup that makes use of recent technology to revolutionize home design. Livspace makes use of a mobile platform called YoFloor in addition to previous acquisitions that includes DezignUp and YoFloor offers a virtual room trial facility for home design while DezignUp is a home design marketplace. is a curated online network for interior designers.
Both DezignUp and were used to build a thriving design community for both interior decorators and homeowners. These two previous acquisitions are used by Livspace to provide more creative tools for designers and at the same to offer more choices for homeowners. The YoFloor app on the other hand will enable the in-house designers of Livspace to make used of 3D visualization tools.

According to Archit Rathi and Ankur Mishra, the co-founders of YoFloor, the combination of products and technology tools including Livspace design community and operation capabilities will go a long way in revolutionizing home design space.

Livspace was started in 2012 by former Google and Myntra executives Anuj Srivastava, Shagufta Anurag and Ramakant Sharma. Livspace was able to generate $4.6 million through Series A funding provided by Helion Venture Partners and Bassemer Venture Partners last December. A fresh round of funding amounting to $8 million was provided by Helion, Bassemer and Jungle Ventures.

Because of the funding generated from several resources, Livspace was able to compete with other startups in the design industry that includes Intruo, JBR Interio, BedBathMore and Gloob. Livspace will also be competing with online furniture businesses like FabFurnish, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder as well as horizontal e-commerce majors like, and Amazon that have a strong grip in the interior design industry.

However, according to research firm TechNavio, the market for online home décor is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 50.42% between 2014 and 2019. This means that new startups have a place in the industry.