Losing Weight: Diet, Exercise Or Both?

There are multiple reasons that justify the need to lose weight. Being overweight increases a person’s risk of many chronic health conditions that affect longevity, not only the quality of life. For each five-point growth in body mass index (BMI), mortality due to diabetes increases by 116%, mortality due to a renal disease increases by 60% and mortality due to a vascular disease increases by 30%.

Weight loss and exercise to prevent health issues

With the numbers being so substantial, it is no longer a surprise why many healthcare professionals suggest losing excess weight l prior to it affecting health.

Aside from weight loss, exercise also has a proven record for improving health and longevity.

Given the effectiveness of both, could a combination of eating lesser and exercising more provide twice the benefits as compared to when only one is followed?

Weight loss by diet, exercise or both

A US research team did a test on fifty-two overweight men and women. They divided the group to three. The aim was a weight loss of 6 to 8 percent during a 12 to 14 week period by diet, exercise and both.

The three approaches were designed to have a 20% energy deficit. A reduction of portion sizes and a replacement of high-calorie food and snacks to whole grains, vegetables and fruits were expected from the diet-only group. A daily medium- to high-intensity cardiovascular exercise was encouraged for the exercise-only group. Everyone was monitored through the duration of the study, and the diet and exercise instructions were adjusted so everyone can realize a similar level of weight loss.

The three groups lost a similar amount of weight, around 7%, and a similar reduction in fat mass by 15% and waist circumference. Even with the differences in their methods of weight loss, everyone had a similar 10% reduced risk of developing a cardiovascular disease.


In sum, when thinking about the best way in order to lose weight for health reasons, it depends on a person’s preference. It can be through diet alone, such as eating lesser or taking an HCG supplement with a low calorie diet, through exercise, or a combination of both. Whatever that is, it is guaranteed to shed those pounds off and improve a person’s health and well-being.


Weight Restrictions For Cabin Crew Of Air India

At least 57 cabin crew members of Air India have been grounded because they are overweight. Most of the cabin crew who were temporarily assigned to ground jobs was air hostesses. Air India has warned the overweight cabin crew that if they do not get in shape quickly, they will permanently be assigned to ground jobs.

How did Air India determine overweight cabin crew members? The cabin crew must have weight that is higher than the permitted body mass index (BMI) which is based on the weight and height of an individual. The crew members were not only required to lose weight; they have to a deadline to accomplish weight loss requirement. Failure to lose weight means assignment to ground job without the flying allowance of Rs 35,000 to Rs 50,000 per month.

Overweight crew members can be temporarily declared as unfit for 6 months. If they fail to meet the BMI requirements within 18 months, they can be considered as permanently unfit. Two years ago, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has introduced the strict requirements of weight, vision and hearing for cabin crew.

Based on the DGCA requirements for cabin crew, ideal BMI for male cabin crew is 18 to 25 while for the female crew, it must be 18 to 22. Male crew with BMI of 25 to 29.9 and female crew with BMI of 22 to 27 are considered as overweight. If the male crew has BMI of 30 and the female crew has BMI of 27, they are declared as obese. According to an Air India officer, most of the cabin crew who are on flying duties has BMI of more than 30.

A cabin crew who is found to exceed the required BMI will be examined and given three months to reduce weight to acceptable levels so that they can be declared fit for flying duties.

It can be difficult for an overweight individual to lose weight but with HCG weight loss drops, the stored fat in the body is burned into energy. The benefits of HCG Drops are maximized if taken with a healthy low calorie diet. Excessive exercise is not necessary to get lean.