$200,000 For Australia’s Best Wedding

Best service in wedding car hire in Perth makes weddings more memorable by allowing bridal couples a wide range of choice for high end transport. Limousines have become the trend for weddings because booking for one has become rather affordable. On the other hand, weddings do not happen every day and it only right for a wedding couple to make it the most memorable day of their life by renting a limo ride.

No one knows the real price tag of lavish weddings and it is often difficult to estimate how much has been spent when you hire four helicopters, a flyover by a fighter jet and a fleet of limos and super cars. The sport cars alone are worth about $50 million which gives people an insight on how much the wedding of Mehager and bride Aysha cost.

The four helicopters that were used in Australia’s Best Wedding were chartered from Sydney Helicopters. Although the owner Mark Howard did not divulge the actual cost, helicopters are chartered at a rate of $2,000 per hour. The flight records of the helicopters as photographed revealed that they were active from 8:47 AM to 10:52 AM. For two hours the bill was estimated at $16,000 but there is certainly no price for a stylish arrival.

Investigations on the fighter jets reveal that the cost is about $100 a minute from the time it takes off to landing. There were no confirmation on the details of the charter but was said the adventure flights probably reached $2,400 for 20 minutes to make a flyover. The flyover is definitely the most expensive considering the processes necessary to gain approval.

The procession of stretch limos, Ferraris and Lamborghinis do not come cheap. Lamborghinis can be rented for $1000 for three hours while stretch limos cost about $1,200 for the same period. Mehager probably used some of his own cars but the wedding gained public attention when he hit two pedestrians.

Other wedding expenses include the security team headed by former football player John Hopoate and the extravagant pre-wedding video that included a crew of cinematographer, assistant, sound engineer and narrator. From cursory investigation, the wedding extravaganza could probably cost $200,000 although this seems to be an underestimation.


Revolutionizing Home Design Space Through Technology

Buying a new home can be an overwhelming experience but it is also exciting because of the opportunities for home designs that will match with the lifestyle. A new home can be incorporated with the latest in contemporary styling so that it can look like a display home. There is also the option of home designs that reflect on your unique personality and taste.

In Bangalore, there is a home décor startup that makes use of recent technology to revolutionize home design. Livspace makes use of a mobile platform called YoFloor in addition to previous acquisitions that includes DezignUp and Dwill.in. YoFloor offers a virtual room trial facility for home design while DezignUp is a home design marketplace. Dwill.in is a curated online network for interior designers.
Both DezignUp and Dwill.in were used to build a thriving design community for both interior decorators and homeowners. These two previous acquisitions are used by Livspace to provide more creative tools for designers and at the same to offer more choices for homeowners. The YoFloor app on the other hand will enable the in-house designers of Livspace to make used of 3D visualization tools.

According to Archit Rathi and Ankur Mishra, the co-founders of YoFloor, the combination of products and technology tools including Livspace design community and operation capabilities will go a long way in revolutionizing home design space.

Livspace was started in 2012 by former Google and Myntra executives Anuj Srivastava, Shagufta Anurag and Ramakant Sharma. Livspace was able to generate $4.6 million through Series A funding provided by Helion Venture Partners and Bassemer Venture Partners last December. A fresh round of funding amounting to $8 million was provided by Helion, Bassemer and Jungle Ventures.

Because of the funding generated from several resources, Livspace was able to compete with other startups in the design industry that includes Intruo, JBR Interio, BedBathMore and Gloob. Livspace will also be competing with online furniture businesses like FabFurnish, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder as well as horizontal e-commerce majors like Flipcart.com, Snapdeal.com and Amazon that have a strong grip in the interior design industry.

However, according to research firm TechNavio, the market for online home décor is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 50.42% between 2014 and 2019. This means that new startups have a place in the industry.


Warmth, Sympathy And Humor As The Best Therapy

Cynergy Physical Therapy solves problems with functionality that others can’t because they have the best equipment and machine that makes recovery and rehabilitation more effective and complete. Each patient has unique needs and sometimes the best kind of therapy provided is warmth, sympathy and sense of humor for speedy recovery.

Last week a tragic shooting happened near Smith Mountain Lake that killed WDBJ7’s Alison Parker and Adam Ward while they were broadcasting on air. Vicki Gardner was the only survivor in that live interview but suffered a gunshot wound at her back. Vicki Gardner’s condition continues to improve and updates about her condition are being posted on her Facebook’s Vicki Recovery Page.

According to Vicki’s husband, the gunman missed Vicki twice so that she had enough time to dive to the ground and curl up into a ball. However, the gunman managed to shoot her on the back. After the attack, Vicki got up and walked to the ambulance even if she did not know the extent of her injuries. A couple of centimeters more and Vicki will not be walking alive.

According to a status update that was posted last Monday, Vicki is attempting sleep and she is also trying to adapt to her nocturnal lifestyle. The nurses want to help her sleep so that Vicki is tortured with jokes which she considered as barbaric physical therapy. According to the nurses, the more that Vicki complains about being uncomfortable the better is her recovery and they are trying to speed up the process.

Vicki also loves all the positive messages she has been receiving both online and in writing. All the comments are fun to read and they keep Vicki occupied. If you send Vicki a funny story, it will be read to her so that her progress will be faster. However, Vicki has undergone several surgeries during her medically induced coma and it will take her about 3 months to recover with medical guidance and physical therapy.

Vicki always wants to converse with everyone and to give the very best of herself but this time it is different. Vicki has to conserve all her energy so that she can finally go home and get better.


Bubble Wraps With Bubbles That Do Not Burst

Paper Mart bubble wrap is a type of packaging material that provides superior protection for fragile products. Air-filled bubbles provide the cushioning to protect the product against impact and vibration during handling and shipping. The air bubbles are regularly spaced and make a satisfying sound when pooped. It is often used as source of amusement or stress reliever.

Sealed Air Corp. is one of the original sellers of bubble wrap since 1960 but lately, the company has introduced a revamped version of its signature product. The new version of bubble wrap is sold in flat plastic sheets that the shipper will fill with air using a custom-made pump. Once inflated, the new bubble wrap looks similar to its previous version but there is big difference – the bubbles no longer burst when pressure is applied. This is totally disappointing for people who enjoy bursting the bubbles.

This new version is called iBubble Wrap and it is expected to appeal to online customers who are rather conscious of space to store their packaging supplies. The swift growth of the global packaging industry is due to the overwhelming property of online shopping. Traditional bubble wraps that gained popularity as packaging products take up precious room in warehouses and delivery trucks.

Protective packaging has become a big business with worldwide sales reaching $20 billion in 2013. As manufacturing started to become global, an increasing number of products are shipped around the world. Retailers like Amazon and Target are constantly experimenting with new packaging materials so that they can gain a competitive lead over other retailers in offering cheaper and faster shipping to customers with the assurance that the product will reach its destination unscathed.

Bubble wraps and air pillows remain as the most favored cushioning materials for protection. According to Sealed Air, its most popular product is liquid foam and it experimenting with a combination of agricultural byproducts and mushroom roots that grow to produce a packaging material that conforms to the contours of the package. Sealed Air also hopes that iBubble Wrap will revive their brand that has suffered due to the increased competition in the market.


The Campaign To Distribute Water Filters To Communities In Need

Filter media is a critical component of water filtration system to ensure that people are drinking clean and safe water from their taps. When water is contaminated, it can result into waterborne diseases like diarrhea, schistosomiasis and malaria. Sadly, there are still communities that do not have access to clean water supply.

Pure Drift is a non-profit organization that has launched an Earthcrowdfunder Campaign in order to fund the distribution and installation of filter media in communities that lack access to clean water. The Drifters will drive from Los Angeles, California to Guayaquil, Ecuador with stops along the Pacific Coast in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia.

The Drifters will visit communities located near schools, orphanages and hospitals to install water filters as well as provide information on the importance of safe and clean water. Both parents and children will be trained on how to prevent waterborne diseases and how these diseases will be treated.

The Drifters has estimated that they will be using around 200 filters including equipment as well as cash for permits, border fees and their five dollar-a-day youthful food budget. The most critical component of their campaign is the water filters because each bucket-mounted filter will cost about $50 but it is capable of cleaning one million gallons of water to provide for enough clean drinking water for 100 people in 5 years.

The investment works out for less than one cent a day to provide for 5 years’ worth of clean drinking water. Pure Drift hopes to raise at least $7,500 to fund their trip and campaign. The Drifters are committed to helping as many people as they can in vulnerable communities. People have a fundamental right to clean water and they do not have to struggle to provide safe drinking water for their families.

Pure Drift has visited Mexico three times since they formed their organization and each time they have installed filter media and provided information to people. The group is also gaining much knowledge on what to expect during their road trip, the realities of local conditions and the equipment that they will need.


A Proposal: Train Surgeons Using Gaming Technology

At LES Glasgow, medical experts in the field of eye surgery are more than happy to help you regain your impaired vision. Eye surgery is one of the most common surgeries conducted these days and the number of practitioners who are engaged in this particular field of medicine has lately increased. Even in other surgical operations, there have been plenty of interested students. Today, different approaches in introducing the surgical lessons and operating patients have emerged. Recently, the so-called “virtual reality operation” has surfaced. This particular unique test is conduct as part of a study into how the virtual headset can benefit in conducting surgical trainings.

Gaming community enraged

In the first quarter of this year, Facebook acquired Oculus VR, the developers of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. They acquired the technology for a total amount of $2 billion. This purchase angered the gaming community. According to the gaming community, the Rift is considered to be the next big evolution in gaming and the people in the industry did not welcome Facebook meddling with their businesses. They threw suspicions on the information giant.

For instance, right after the announcement that Rift was taken over by the people in Facebook, the creator of Minecraft immediately tweeted his resentments and said that he cancelled his deal to bring Minecraft with Rift. He added that the deal with Rift and Facebook scared him out.

People in the gaming world were unenthusiastic with the plans of Mark Zuckerberg of the technology. The social media giant seemed no longer interested that the primary interest of Rift be geared towards gaming. The Facebook CEO instead announced that the team would be making Oculus Rift as a new means of communication platform.

Virtual reality surgery

There are groups that have been experimenting with the technology within the context of medicine practices. Last month, surgeons, scientists and videographers collaborated together for the first ever “Oculus Rift operation”.

This project was conceived by a French engineer who is also a VR enthusiast, Remi Rousseau with the support of his physician wife. They both identified the potential of the technology to be a training machine for surgeons.