Frameless Shower Screen Price

There are many ways to make your house look modern and at par with contemporary standards. One way is to install modern fixtures such as the fixtures found inside the bathroom. You can modernize the doors, sink, tiles and also your shower screen. Instead of the conventional shower curtain, you can replace glass for it. The cost of frameless shower screen varies based on several factors. One of the factors is the quality of glass used for the frameless shower screen including the thickness of the glass to be installed. The thicker the glass, the more expensive is the installation and total amount. To give you an idea of the frameless shower screen price, take a look at these:

  • 2100mm x 900mm frameless glass walk-in shower panel with aluminium channel costs $360
  • 850mm x 2000mm two panel frameless shower screen costs $410 plus $195 for the installation
  • 1740mm x 1785mm x 2000mm three panel sliding door frameless shower screen is $690 plus $400 installation cost
  • 800mm x 600mm rectangular frameless glass shower screen is $550

The frameless shower screen price indicated does not include the installation and delivery of the shower screen. Generally, installation costs run around $200 to $400. If you have additional repairs to be done inside your bathroom such as shower or faucet replacement, an additional cost would be required. To clarify what you need to pay and to have an idea of the overall expenses, ask the installer or you can ask at least three cost estimates from different suppliers.

If you want to have a unique and screen door you can also customize your shower screen. However, the cost is higher for frameless shower screen price because glass panels are generally heavy so they should be installed by professionals. To hire a reliable installer, ask for referrals from your friends or neighbours you may have sought service from an installer. You can also read from discussion boards and forums to find out if the installer provides reliable service. Make time to read feedback from previous customers including customer ratings to get an idea of the service you will get.


The Not-So-Ugly Royal Family In Ugly Christmas Sweater

There is one thing that’s making London smile this season. The fashionable and dashing royal family of Windsor gave their permission to dress their wax counterparts at London’s Madame Tussauds with Ugly Christmas Sweater for a good cause. Save the Children, a non-government organization focused on the protection of children’s rights in developing countries, is hosting a Christmas Jumper Day on December 16, 2016. The event intends to raise funds to support the organization’s global effort to support and provide relief among children in struggling countries all over the world.

In support of Save the Children’s effort, the administrator of the mentioned wax museum, with the consent of Queen Elizabeth II and her family, dressed the Royal family’s wax version with ugly Christmas sweater to help raise awareness for the event. The event encourages the participants to wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater during the event and at the same time, donate to the foundation for a god cause.

The wax versions of the Windsors are drawing attention not only for the good cause behind their wearing of ugly sweaters but more so because they still look particularly elegant even in a sweater called “ugly”. The Royal family in ugly Christmas sweaters is among the main attractions of the museum especially that it also has their pet corgis in ugly Christmas sweaters too!

The exhibit will run all throughout the holiday season so you can marvel at the Royal Family even if it is just their wax replica. Queen Elizabeth II’s permission to garb their wax version in ugly sweaters indicates the Queen’s soft spot when it comes to children not just in the United Kingdom but more so amongst needy children all over the world. To show your support for the event, you can also wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater and participate on the activity on December 16 or you can also visit the wax museum of Madame Tussauds London as a manifestation of support. You can donate some amount on the event itself or you can send your donation to Save the Children.


How To Have A Budget-Friendly Thailand Health Retreat

Travelling across the world just to get that Thailand health retreat can surely be expensive. The ticket price alone can already cost a lot. However, there are ways for you to pull down the expenses. All you have to do is do some online research and take a look at these suggestions:

Compare prices

Before booking your room accommodation at your target resort, compare what you can get out of your money with other resort or hotel. Do not rush into booking a room reservation. Take note that half of the success of your travel experience lies on the kind of resort that you are going to stay in. for sure, you will not enjoy your stay in a hotel with poor room service and facilities that are already obsolete or broken. This is the reason why you need to check what you would be paying for. You just have to remember that the cheapest deal does not necessarily mean the best deal. Thus, check as many resorts for Thailand health retreat then narrow down your list until you arrive at the best one. Do not look for the cheapest accommodation but rather where you can get the best value for your money.

Look for deals

Another way to pull down your expenses is by searching for good health resorts that currently offers deals to customers. Some resorts could be offering discounts for the holiday, for their anniversary or for other reasons that you might just be lucky for being on the right spot. Some discounted accommodations are not posted online but if you inquire from the resort manager, you just might be surprised at how you can be offered with optimum room accommodations at a lesser price.

Off-peak bookings

Room accommodation for your Thailand health retreat can be had at a lower price if you would schedule your trip during off peak season. During low season, room rates are lower and managers are willing to offer their rooms cheaper just to get some guests around. Tickets booked in advance are also lower in price compared to on the spot purchase.


How To Lower Costs Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can give you a lot of benefits including the confidence to face the world. However, it is a fact that getting the best hair extension costs a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can get something cheaper like those made of synthetic materials but you cannot rely so much on its quality.  To get high quality hair extension made of human and natural hair without breaking the bank, consider these following tips.

Compare prices

One of the best ways to get your ideal hair extension without paying high costs is by comparing prices from different suppliers. Avoid impulsive buying because for all you know, there are better and cheaper products in other stores but you immediately bought the first hair extension that you laid eyes on. Take not that hair extensions cost around $100-$2,500. The figure is quite an amount of money so it would be good if you can have the product at a lesser price. Visit at least three different shops until you get the best hair extension that you can possibly have.

Check for quality and not quantity

Although you are looking for ways to reduce your hair extension costs that does not mean that you would sacrifice quality. You may get something cheaper but in the long run, it gets easily damaged requiring you to purchase another set of hair extensions. In the end, you spent more on cheap hair extensions than high quality ones. Invest on the product since you can use it for a year and even more if you purchase the best there is in the market which is virgin hair. It can last for up to 2-3 years.

Look for discount items

To bring your expenses down, look for hair extensions that are put up for sale or those that are offered for less. When you visit websites or even from offline shops, ask the customer service agent if they have anything that are offered for sale. Buying on sale items guarantees that you get the best hair extension only at a lesser price but the quality is not compromised.



The Challenge With Linking Content Marketing And ROI

During the event that was held in London called WTF is Content Marketing, marketing executives from the biggest European firms gather to talk about the issues that they are facing in their industry. One of the common issues that many brands, publishers and agencies are facing is the challenge to prove the link between content marketing and return on investment.

The challenges that companies face in terms of ROI has been a long standing one, just like marketing. A new dimension was opened when the era of platforms was introduced, content marketing is crowding the customers news feed and influencers are on the rise. Things became a little bit unclear when the problem about organic reach and its decline started to arise.

According to TUI Group’s group head of social, Rachel Hawkes, one of the biggest issues they have had to face in terms of content marketing is linking all the different types of technology that the company uses. It is important that these techs are integrated with one another. She cited as an example their efforts now in merging the analytics they gather from Curalate, a user-generated content tool, and their analytics gathered onsite. Through this they are able to see if a visitor has clicked on any type of UGC, went to the checkout page and bought something. The company is targeting that by the end of next year they will be able to determine how much social media is contributing to the value chain in terms of driving sales, increasing consideration as well as promoting loyalty.

The global head of digital publishing of the brand Bp, Ben Jeffries, said that for their company RI is considered a bit unusual. The firm hired a content team with a small but full time staffs that are in house. With this they want to make sure that the effort is generating profit but the company is not open to the idea of spending a lot of money in hiring an agency that will do the content marketing and then putting too much effort in measuring the result.


How To Hire Thai Property Real Estate Agent

You can Find Thai Property on the internet and aside from the property itself; you can also find experienced real estate agents who can help you close a deal that will respond to your business or personal needs. Whether it is a summer house by the beach or a condo unit in a sky rise building in Bangkok, a real estate property agent can help you especially in explaining provisions the legal process that you may not be an expert of. To be sure, you can also refer the contract to your lawyer for a comprehensive legal advice related to property purchase.

If you are in need of an agent for your prospective Thai property, the first that you should do is find prospective agents from accredited realtor association in Thailand or an equivalent body in the area. This type of associations can not only help you Find Thai Property, they will also give you a list of recognized real estate agents that are duly licensed and recognized in Thailand. Mortgage bankers are also excellent sources of information when it comes to property and brokers.

The next step is to set a meeting with at least three real estate agents to check if they are competent enough to handle one of the biggest financial transactions in your life. Ask for their license number and validate the information from the association of realtors in Thailand including the prospect’s work history, closed deals, related offered services and even the contact information of their previous clients. It would also be wise for you to speak with their previous clients for feedback to have an idea how satisfying their service is.

Another important thing that you should clarify is the amount payable to the real estate agent and the included services of the amount. You should also be given information beforehand for additional fees that you need to cover. When you are already clarified, you can then sign the buyer broker agreement. To Find Thai Property is not that challenging when you are properly assisted by an expert and professional agent. You just have to hire the right one.