Storm Water Drainage In Kozhikode Under Works

With the recent reports of the sudden flooding in Chennai, Kozhikode has been barraged with concern as it does not have a strong drainage system. A flood as strong as that in Chennai, though it has not been foreseen to happen anywhere in the near future, will not be able to handle by the present storm water drainage of Kozhikode.

According to K. Somasekhara Kaimal, the KSUDP or Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project’s project manager, the resident will no longer have to worry since work is now being done concerning the drainage problem. It is expected that once the Storm Water Drainage System project is completed in a few years, the city will be able to handle any flood and will more likely prevent normal flooding experienced by residents.

All of the current storm water drainage system that is in existence within the city is now being handled by the Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP). Good news for those who are residing near the coastal areas because all the drains construction is done and completed. According to data, 10 of the roads that are within the city’s main are to be included in the storm water drainage project. The current work being conducted on three of these drainage systems are now on-going and some are into different level of completion.

The mofusil bus stand and its surrounding area have always been flooded year after year and is also under the drainage project. The work will involve a 100 meter long drainage system stemming from Focus Mall and ending at G-Mart. Another stretch which is 300 meters long will start at the RP Mall and will conclude in Arayadathupala. Once all of these areas are done, the problem with the mofusil bus stand is expected to be eliminated as well.

Mr. Kaimal shared how the project’s pipelines to be used are very wide that draining of the water will take lesser time than usual. Other major roads are also included in the storm water drainage project such as Karapparamba-P.M. Kutty Road and Sales Tax Office Road among other.

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Here’s How You Can Effectively Clean A Mattress

Everyone loves the feeling of lying in bed, getting tightly hugged by a blanket and preparing for sleep. That peaceful feeling and the warmth of a good bed is all too irresistible. Everyone wants to get a good sleep which can only be given by a soft mattress that provides a clean place to lie down. But what if your mattress is dirty? Do you think you can achieve the level of sleep that you so desired?

The problem is, you cannot actually prevent your mattress from getting dirty. While you use your mattress, dirt and dust are bound to attach themselves to it. What you can do, however, is conduct an effective cleaning on your mattresses when they do get dirty.

When your mattress is not in use, you can cover it so that it can be protected. Also, by doing this, you will be able to extend time between cleanings. You can purchase a mattress cover at your local supermarket.

When cleaning, you should wash the bedding which would include the sheets, pillowcases and comforters. This should be done on a weekly basis. Another efficient way of maintaining and cleaning the mattress is when you try to vacuum it at least once a month in order to remove the dust, dander, and even the dust mites that had build up. Remember, all of these can trigger allergies and even when you don’t have allergies, they can still affect you in ways you may have not experienced before. When you vacuum your mattress, it is recommended that you use the upholstery attachment that comes with the vacuum package. In case you are living with someone with allergies, you should vacuum your mattress more than once.

In the case that a stain or spill happens, remove and wash the mattress immediately. If it is soiled, you can use upholstery shampoo.

Here are the supplies you may need when cleaning a mattress:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Upholstery shampoo
  • Mattress cover
  • Mild detergent
  • Water
  • Sponges
  • Fan

Lastly, when your mattress gets too old, it is recommended that you replace them immediately, more so if you are already experiencing backaches. You can find a mattress sale basically anywhere online and offline.


The New Dual Fuel Biomass Boiler From Hertz

A new flexible dual-fuel biomass boiler has recently been introduced by Hertz for both the domestic and light commercial sectors. The new Hertz Pelletfire boiler has the capability to burn logs and wood pellets. It is approved by Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), a quality assurance scheme that is supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The compact Pelletfire boiler is designed with consideration to space efficiency. The compact boiler comes in a range of output options from 20kW to 40 kW with flexible heating provided by separate combustion chambers. Two fuels can be switched easily and the operation can be set up to automatically transition to wood pellets in case the logs are all burnt out.

Another advantage is its compatibility with various types of pellet stores that includes the traditional V profiles and the modular pellet silos. A modern T Control touch system is also incorporated to ensure that boiler operation is simple and user friendly. The double vortex combustion chamber of the Pelletfire boiler is designed for maximum efficiency during the combustion process. A Lambda probe control assists in the smooth running of the boiler. There is also an automatic cleaning system for the heat exchanger and combustion grate to ensure that there is cleaner combustion while heat transfer is maximized.

A log-only version of the Pelletfire boiler is also available but with the ability to be paired off with a wood pellet system at a later date. The log boiler has a filing shaft that can accommodate logs measuring 50cm in length to guarantee longer burning time.

According to Hertz Biomass UK, Pelletfire boilers’ true flexibility can revolutionize the lower duty end of the market. It has gone through rigorous testing and development to deliver quality and outstanding results.

On the other hand, Boiler Servicing should also be a major concern of boiler owners to ensure the efficiency of the boiler and to prolong its service life.  When Boiler Servicing is provided by competent and experienced boiler engineers, you are assured of your safety as well as that of your property.


An Overview Of The Target Markets In The Restaurant Business

When planning to open a restaurant business, you should have a considerable amount of knowledge about who your target audience will be. As a restaurateur, you would naturally want to serve all types of customers as much as possible, but the reality of all that is you cannot please everyone. If you try to do so, you’ll end up pleasing no one. It is important that you know what type of customers you want to focus on and just stay with that. You cannot capture 100 percent of the market. Just accept that. Instead, you can turn your attention towards the 5 or 10 percent who are keen on eating at your restaurant.

But before you think about target markets, it is also important that you have already chosen a restaurant concept because that would also play a large role in determining who your target audiences are.

Here is an overview of the different market categories of restaurant customers.

  • Generation Y. This generation is the current generation. The so-called ‘boomlets’ and ‘millennials’ which would also include the people born from 1980 to 2000. Out of all the generations, Generation Y is considered as the most ethnically diverse and because of that, they have become the primary targets of the food service industry. They are also much larger than Generation X.
  • Generation X. This generation would include people who were born from 1965-1980. They have strong familial values, especially with their kids. In order for you to appeal to this group, you must focus on comfort, value and ambience.
  • Baby Boomers. Those who were born between 1946 and 1964. They make up the largest population and are a target for family friendly restaurants as well as fine dining restaurants because they are the ones who can afford. If you plan on opening an Indian restaurant Perth, then you should focus on this market.
  • Empty Nesters. These are the people who are in their early 50s to 64. They have the highest income per capita and are often seen in upscale restaurants.
  • They are aged 66 and above and are mostly seen in family friendly restaurants.

Budget Friendly Home Improvements

Contrary to what most homeowners think, there are various home improvement options that can be done while staying inside the very tight household budget. Many of these are quite simple and easy yet will add an impact and scream change inside the house.

First on the list is paint. A fresh coat will not only make your room look good as new but it will add a new look if you choose a different color than the last one. The impact will be much greater compared to the money one will spend on a few can. One can even order pizza while at it.

Second option is to improve the lighting inside the house. Homeowners can either replace all the cheap bulbs for better functioning ones or improve the light fixtures into something fancier. Either way will guarantee that people inside the household will be able to work better with a well lighted living area. One can also opt for table lamps to add more lighting in every rooms of the house.

Third is a combination of throw rug and accent cushions that can be strategically placed inside the living room. This is ideal for people with kids who have done a great job of staining the whole area. The throw rug will add something new to the floor area while the accent cushions can be used as a cover up for any remarkable stains that might be quite noticeable on the sofa. Choosing the right colors are important.

If you are looking for home improvements ideas in Perth and you have a garden that is not as tended as your neighbors, it is high time that you buy something new to make it more inviting for someone who passes by it every day. A number of potted plants that can be placed along the walkway as well as on the porch are a good addition. If you have more time than usual or wanted to take gardening for a long time, planting and tending the garden is the best way to beautify it. Plants are not that expensive but one should have a budget as well as a plan before starting out the garden project.


Undertaking Interior Infrastructure Work For An Indoor Stadium

After the completion of the construction of a massive building that will house an indoor stadium, the next that is being undertaken is the required interior infrastructure. The indoor stadium has a plinth area of 3,600 square meters with 1,500-capacity gallery, a series of long-shadow lights all around, adequate restrooms for all the players, an office room and room that is designed for coaches.

The indoor stadium is expected to cost an estimated Rs.15crore with state-of-the-art facilities for various events that include badminton, ball badminton, table tennis, gymnasium and physiotherapy unit. The design was made by Indian Institute of Technology that has made sure that the stadium is at par with international standards.

The indoor stadium was started in 2007 but the work only gained momentum 2 years ago because of a new proposal for the construction of an open stadium outside the indoor stadium for an estimated of Rs.8.95crore. The outdoor stadium will have a 400-meter track, a gallery for 3,000 persons, a hockey court, basketball court, football court and volleyball court.

One aspect of the indoor stadium that is being given attention is the flooring. According to officials if the quality of wood used for flooring is compromised it can lead to knee pain among the athletes. This is the reason why they imported Maplewood from California to be used in the 3,000 square meters flooring. Logs of wood will be fitted into rows and columns before they are nailed together to prevent any knee injuries.

In order to ensure an interrupted power supply particularly when there are games, a transformer and generator will be set up as standby arrangement. A false ceiling is another feature as an aesthetic element of the building. If you have never heard of false ceilings, they are also called suspended ceilings or dropped ceilings that are hung below the main ceiling as a secondary structure. Suspended ceilings have become a trend in modern architecture and design of buildings because they can hide elements of a building infrastructure like pipes, wires and ductwork. Suspended ceilings from Crisp Contracts Ltd. are generally preferred because they make repairs and maintenance easier and more convenient.