What Leonardo González Dellán Thinks About Too Fast Expansion

Here are some famous stories about fast food franchises that didn’t hit big in South America. This is how Leonardo González Dellán expectedwhen the fast food business didn’t get the public’s attention.

Baja Fresh

In the early 2000, Baja Fresh became a prey of over-zealous expansion. The fast food restaurant was on a slow and steady path of success until Wendy’s purchased them out in 2002 for a reported $275 million. After that sale, Baja Fresh turned out a fast and large push of national expansion. However, the corporation lost track of its owner’s original business model and centered too much on how to expand as fast as possible. A little over a year later, the same store sales figures began to drop. In 2003, they suffered a 4.6% drop which followed a 6.4% drop in 2004. Despite attempts from Wendy’s to convert the restaurants into a fast food location, there sales continued to decline. In 2006, Wendy’s efforts were a bit too late so they had to sell Baja Fresh to a private investor for only $31 million.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts used a combination of high quality products and low cost marketing to attract followers. The expansion started slow and visualized stock prices rising high in only some years. They were even enlisted as one of America’s hottest brand by fortune magazine in 2003. This is what Leonardo González Dellán expected for the food business. Unluckily, the company went public and began to expand too much too soon. While appealing to their investors, the company reduced its cult status by opening several locations and licensing donuts to gas stations and grocery stores. Within only few years, several of its franchised units were forced to shut down with the company’s profits intensely dropping.

Boston Market

Whenever an article is written about the hazards franchisors experience during expansion, Boston Market is often included. In 1993, Boston Chicken, which then changed their name to Boston Market, went public and focused more on national expansion. However, the company lost sight of their goal to provide chicken in casual setting and instead focused on increasing their profits. They modified their name to Boston Market and included non-chicken items in their menu to appeal more customers. Eventually, in the later part of the 1990s, the food chain filed for bankruptcy,which was then purchased by McDonalds.


Thai International Arrivals Hit 16.4m, But Saw Slow Down In May

Thailand is a tourism hotspot with plenty of options for tourists, from a trendy bar in Sathorn to the sandy beaches in KohSamui, among others, and it continues to attract arrivals from across the globe, if data from the Ministry of Tourism & Sports is anything to go by.

According to MOTS’ Permanent Secretary, PongpanuSvetarundra, Thailand welcomed a total  16.456 million international arrivals from January to May of 2018, which is a 12.62% from last year’s numbers. The international arrivals spent an approximate of Bt867.46 million in that time, up by 16.11% from the prior year’s numbers, Mr. Pongparu says. Data says that from that five-month time span, Thailand’s tourism revenue totalled to Bt1.2 trillion, a 6% increase from last year’s figures, with Bt800 billion from international arrivals, and local tourists accounting for Bt350 billion.

For the month of May alone, the Kingdom received at least 2.755 million foreign arrivals, generating approximately BT136.71 million in tourism revenue for the country. However, Mr. Pongpanu has also noted that the year-on-year increase is 6.3%, which is actually lower than the average for the months preceding it.

According to Mr. Pongpanu, there are several factors as to the slowdown of arrivals. May marks the start of Ramadan, which leads to less activity as Muslims abstain and fast as per religion. Additionally, the recent start of the FIFA World Cup 2018, hosted by Russia, also meant that people’s attention were being redirected from a trendy bar in Sathorn or whatever Thai attraction to the international sporting event.

Mr. Pongpanu, however, has stated that the MOTS expects this sluggish tourism to pass once Ramadan and the World Cup ends. He says that they believe that tourism growth will pick up once August rolls in, with estimations saying that Thailand should expect to stay on track to meet its tourism revenue target of Bt3 trillion.

For May, a majority of about 2 million international tourists were from East Asia, with China still accounting for the largest group, followed by Europe, Southern Asia, Northern America, followed by Oceania, the Middle East, then Africa.

The ministry hopes that revenue for the year 2018 will be up by 10% from last year’s numbers, which is approximately 38 million in additional revenue.


Plot Your Address On Earth 750 Million Years Ago Through Interactive Map

Perhaps one of the best scenes created by mankind and technology witnessed by the human eye is the North America Skyline Illustration but it is nothing compared to the natural beauty of the living planet. Years and years of research have shown that the Earth is alive and changing continuously with time. This was proved by the recent volcanic happenings in Guatemala as well as in Hawaii. We may not be able to see the difference in our lifetime but the Earth has been in the solar system for millions of years and the change for someone who have witnessed since the beginning might be tremendous.

This is why the curator of the largest dinosaur database online, Ian Webster, decided to create an interactive map that will allow people to see just how much the surface of the Earth have shifted since the time of the dinosaurs. The interactive map made use of PALEOMAP Project’s paleogeographic maps as well as plate tectonics illustrations created by C.R. Scotese. Through the interactive map, one will be able to see how much the Earth have changed especially in the current address where you are residing. It will take you back more than 750 million years to see what the area used to be.

Going back to 350 million years ago in the Cryogenian Period, majority of the planet was covered with glaciers and Ithaca used to be a part of Rodinia which is a supercontinent. This is also the same time when scientists believed that single-celled organisms came to being.

Through the interactive map, one can select the time difference from 10 million to 40 million years. There is also background information provided by Webster. One example is when you go back 105 million years ago at the time when an inland sea from the Gulf came between North America, the website states, that it is known to be the Cretaceous Period with accompanying details about the era. Looking back to those million years ago and to the North America Skyline illustration now, one can say that man truly has come a long way because of technology.


Why A Hotel Near Terminal 21 And Go Shopping!

When you plan a trip to Bangkok, Thailand, you need to be booked in a hotel near Terminal 21 for your accommodation. Aside from thinking about elephant rides and the white sandy beaches, you need to experience how a real Thai will do here including shopping. In Bangkok, you’ll find many shopping malls to visit and you can actually do almost anything here. You can buy grocery items for your home, watch a movie, go figure skating, exercise at the gym, and head on to the BTS station to take you someplace else. You must also remember that most malls in Bangkok connect to each other, so you can hop from one after the other.

In Central Bangkok,another mall named Terminal 21 awaits your visit here. As it was opened in 2011, the shopping centre has nine storeys, each labelled according to a theme that designates the key cities of the world. It’s basically a geography that starts with Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo, San Francisco, Instanbul and at the very top, Hollywood, where the cinema is situated. The theme obviously includes the whole world.

There’s also free Wi-Fi for visitors after checking out at the help desk. If you want to dine, shop, get entertained, exercise, you can travel across the continents by just a mere ride up the escalator. The escalator runs around 36-metres and can immediately take you to the ground from the fifth floor.

On the “Caribbean” lower ground floor, you’ll find the Gourmet Market, Crepe Box, Mister Donut, Baskin Robbins, Bread Talk, and more snacks and desserts from smaller vendors. In each floors you’ll find various restaurants offering a variety of cuisine, but there is one that suits your Japanese and seafood theme.

There’s also a budget cafeteria on the 5th floor where you can eat inexpensive and fast foods. At 25-40 baht, you’ll have lunch or dinner from a street food inspired, hygienically cooked cuisine. You can also load your card with money at a Bangkok food court.

At Terminal 21, you can actually get items from around 600 to 2000 baht, with affordable and original jewellery. They also have the best qualities for men’s, women’s and children’s apparels and accessories., After touring, you’ll want to return to a hotel near Terminal 21 to relax, rest and sleep.


Will Apple Choose North Carolina For Its New Campus?

Do you need to apply for a North Carolina Tax Id if you are going to sell products online? If you are going to buy and sell items online in your own name, you need to pay sales and income taxes or register yourself as a sole proprietor in North Carolina. You can use your Social Security Number but a better option is to obtain North Carolina Tax ID application form for your own unique 9-digit EIN.

According to the news, Apple is assessing North Carolina and Virginia as the potential site for the new Apple campus. According to the Triangle Business Journal, lawmakers in North Carolina are preparing to bid. Meanwhile, The Washington Post also reported that the governor of Virginia Ralph Northam has put forward some areas near Washington D.C. that includes Crystal City and Tyson as ideal locales for Apple.

Triangle Business Journal has unnamed sources in real estate, law and North Carolina that said North Carolina is on top of Apple’s shortlist. However, nothing has been finalized because Apple is still looking at several areas all over the country. An incentive package is being negotiated by Governor Roy Cooper which will be presented to the state’s General Assembly.

Cooper has recommended North Carolina for big tech bids in the past. According to The Journal, discussions may take place over the weekend when Tim Cook, Apple CEO visits Duke University to give a commencement address. Sources said that Apple is zeroing in and North Carolina is the top contender considering the market activity that is taking place in the state.

Amazon which is also in search for a high profile campus site is also considering Raleigh, North Carolina. Meanwhile, Apple has said that there will be no bidding process for the location of the new office. Apple has a data center located in Maiden, North Carolina and has been an active investor in clean energy projects.

Now is as good a time as any to start a business in North Carolina because it has a business-friendly setting. However, make sure to prioritize North Carolina Tax ID application to facilitate business licenses, business checking accounts and hiring of employees.


What’s So Irresistible When You Meet Venezuelan Women

When you want to meet Venezuelan women, you should know that they are searching for men who works really hard. If the woman knows her man is a hard worker, she affirms she will be taken cared for. A man who is willing to work for longer hours is coherent and proves to be reliable. Seeing her man working for long hours will prove to give her stability and financial rewards. Being attracted to men who work really hard is actually a feature in men where women try to look for.

Some attributes or traits that Venezuelan women search for in a man:

  • Women prefer commitment.Hence, they want their man to be interested in their future.
  • When men meet Venezuelan women, they are searching for someone with strong personal, business and social skills. It can even be irresistible if they offer kindness to the ladies.
  • Most women prefer their men to be great with ch
  • How important is money? Most Venezuelan women prefer their men who makes more money than they do. Women tend to be happier if they experience stability and security.
  • Lastly, a man who cares for her and their kids.

What Draws Men to Women?

A man is fascinated in a woman with gorgeous physical attributes. It may not really mean that if a woman is not physically attractive, she has lesser chances of happiness. However, physical attractiveness can be a priority for a man to love his woman. And many of these men want to meet Venezuelan women as they have these qualities.

Most men aspire to be with their women for sex. It’s really no surprise for anyone. In fact, most of the successful men in history have had tremendous sex desires. However, if men had to pursue only these sexual desires, it may prove that they can be unsuccessful. One important element for men to be successful is how they channel their energy with work.

How do Women Know that their Physical Attractiveness Means a Lot to the Man?

Men think differently than women do. Consider this amazing fact about women. Most men who want to meet Venezuelan women choose their waistlines as the most attractive to them. So if you’re a woman wanting to stay attractive to foreign men, you need to keep your figure in top shape.