Mourning Period Over, Loy Krathong Comes Back

The Kingdom of Thailand has been mourning for the passing of King BhumibolAdulyadej last year on October. Since then, celebrations and events in the country is either toned down or cancelled. A few weeks ago, the cremation funeral was held for the late King. Celebrations and events are back in their usual festive spirit that tourists flocked to Chiang Mai Riverside Hotel in order to witness the most recent floating basket festival or locally known as Loy Krathong.

Once the funeral which lasted for five days ended, the mourning period was also over. Majority of the locals have started donning colored clothing since they had to wear black for the past 12 months.

During the festival, an ancient ritual was conducted nhonor of the water spirits. Participants placed traditional and handmade miniature rafts in the water while it carries candles, flowers and bamboo.

The ritual of the rafts done every festival is believed to carry with it all the bad luck while attracting the good fortune. Loy Krathongis celebrated in every part of Thailand but the northern part always does the most spectacular floating basket.

Authorities from the capital have indicated that despite their return, festivals for the remaining months of this year should be toned down as a sign of respect to the late King.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s ChalermponChotinuchit said that celebrations will not be as luxurious yet but they will be highlighting them to represent more of the culture of Thailand.

Before the Loy Krathong, the BMA has already advised participants to only release rafts that are made of natural materials because environmental groups have already expressed their concerns regarding non-biodegradable wastes that are obstructing the drains and rivers.

Locals expressed their sadness despite the celebration because many of them loved the late King.

Thai Airways International, a national carrier, practiced safety measures by cancelling some of their trips to and fro Chiang Mai and Bangkok for two days.

Aside from Lo Krathong which attracts tourists to Chiang Mai Riverside Hotel, Yi Peng is also celebrated in the northern city. This is a festival where participants release lit lanterns into the night sky.


3 Tips To Hire The Right Sydney Furniture Removals

If you are planning to move to a new location, it would be best to hire a professional team of Sydney furniture removals to make the task easier for you and your family. Hiring an expert team of removalists will save you from the stress of carrying and lifting heavy items and furniture which may not be suitable for some individuals. Those who have health or medical issues, the elderly, pregnant women and people with physical disabilities should not be involved with the process due to practical reasons. Hiring removalists will also help you to save time and energy. If you are looking for a removalist company, you can find them on the internet or even in your locality. Here are some tips to hire the right team.

Search for service providers

To hire the right Sydney furniture removals, you have to look for them in the right places such as the internet or from the yellow pages. You can also refer on the classified ads on your local newspapers for more information. Even your neighbours can also be a good source of information in finding a removalist team.

Request for quotes

To find out how much you are going to budget for the service, request for cost estimates from different service providers. By asking for cost estimates, you will determine which of the contractors offer the most reasonable amount in the industry. Read the contract thoroughly before signing the contract to ensure that you got all the agreements and policies.

Hire the experts

There are a lot of Sydney furniture removals in your area but choose a contractor with accreditation from the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). The accreditation guarantees that you have hired a professional service provider and you can file for necessary complains if ever there were mishandling on your furniture and belongings. Find out if the service includes insurance. Otherwise, you can purchase insurance for added security and protection of your belongings during the transfer. Read testimonials and customer reviews or you can also engage in discussion boards for more ideas about the service provider.


Red Water Problem Of Residents Of Rockdale

Danielle Donnelly-Kerlin said that a good day for them is when the water does not emit a very strong smell and the colour is clear. She has been residing in Rockdale from when she was a freshman student in high school. She thinks that their city needs to contact a PVC pipe wholesaler because she can’t remember a moment when the water they are using is not red and she referred to it as their bad days.

She said that red water is everywhere in the house. In the kitchen, turning the faucet on means they can expect to see coffee-like water to flow. Donnelly-Kerlin shared that every month there is a random day where everything in the house is red water and this is the reason why they have to stock up with bottled water daily.

She expresses her disappointment with the city because it is their responsibility to provide water for the residents but the fact is that they can’t even use it.

According to Chris Whittaker, the city manager of Rockdale, majority of the pipes and all those on the eastern part of the town is made of cast iron which is originally constructed in 1902.

Whittaker said that the red water is caused by a combination of things – rust in pipers, high-level content of magnesium and iron and the pipes are located on a dead-end. The red water is stirred up to the surface if main break is conducted and will eventually be flushed out again.

The water infrastructure in Rockdale is not modernized because of the existence of water treatment plant that has been in operation for seven decades and a sewer line that is composed of cracking clay.

Whittaker said that improvements have been happening for several years but it is slow. They were able to change a number of the cast iron pipe and replaced it with PVC pipe. They have already received block grants for the community development project provided by the government.

He said that the grants are only $300,000 which is enough for one block of pipe and according to a PVC pipe wholesaler they would need a total of $44 million in order to replace everything.


Advantages Of Having A Manicured Garden By PD Drives And Patios Ltd

There are several benefits of having a well-maintained lawn by PD Drives and Patios Ltd or by your preferred contractor. You can find a lot of service providers in your area but choose one that has excellent reputation and one that has been in the industry for more than a decade. This will give you the guarantee that the contractor has ample experience and they are reliable in keeping your lawn or yard presentable and in optimum condition. Having a well-manicured lawn is an excellent investment. Here are some of the reasons why.

Healthy and relaxing environment

Nothing can go wrong with having a greenery around your house. There can never be a disadvantage to it. Aside from getting more air and oxygen, having a nice garden is also relaxing both to your mind and body. It is always nice to wake up to a beautiful lawn where you can relax and enjoy the day with a book or just talking with friends. You will also have that peace of mind that your kids are safe and playing in a clean and well-maintained environment right within your premises.

Presentable to guests

When you have a well-maintained lawn by PD Drives and Patios Ltd, you can invite your friends or neighbours over and you will not be embarrassed by the state of your surroundings. You can even add an outdoor set, a barbecue pit, a gazebo, a mini fountain, planters and other decorative items that will make your garden even more appealing. You can consult a landscape artist or you can directly hire a contractor that will provide an overall makeover for your garden. You can also receive your friends at your garden especially during a fair weather or during the afternoons.

Increases home value

Having a manicured garden by PD Drives and Patios Ltd increases the value of your property. This is particularly important if you intend to resell your property. Most buyers are looking for homes with nice landscape. Having a well maintained garden will also sell your property faster. Look for a contractor who can help you improve your landscape and one that will stretch the value of your money.


4 Services Offered By Electrician On The Gold Coast

There are a lot of electrical jobs an electrician on the Gold Coast generally offers but four of the most usually obtained services from electrical contractors include the following.

Electrical installations

One of the electrical jobs that you can expect from an electrical contractor is installation services. It is highly important to hire a qualified electrician to install your electrical system because any fault in the installation would cause problems in the long run. It can even cause fire hazards and damage to your property. Before you hire a contractor, ask for his valid license including his insurancesfor guarantees that your property is covered while the contractor is working around your property.


If your building or establishment was constructed a decade ago or more, it is best for you to hire an electrician to check the wirings and have them updated. Aside from keeping your electrical system in excellent condition, you will also have it energy efficient and safe for its occupants. You will also reduce energy consumption resulting to a lower power bill. If there are loose wirings or if they are already peeling,call a qualified electrician to fix the issue right away.

Air condition installation

Another common service offered by an electrician on the Gold Coast is air conditioning system installation, repair and its maintenance check.  When you noticed that the air your air conditioning system gives off is no longer as cold as it should be or there is noise from the unit, call an electrician for an air conditioning system maintenance check.

New builds

If you are going to have a building constructed, you will also need an electrician on the Gold Coast to install the wirings and electrical system. New constructions require a building plan which includes the electrical plan. The plan would be signed and approved by a licensed electrician and its implementation would also be done by a professional contractor.  This will ensure that all the electrical aspects will be followed according to the plan and electrical standards would be followed.  Call an electrical companythat you can consult prior to the building construction.


3 Advantages Of Hiring Logistics Transport In Perth

Although you can transport goods with your company vehicle, there are more advantages if you would hire experts from a logistics transport in Perth to do the services in your behalf. A trucking service is essential if your company does not have the staff or the capacity to deliver or transport goods to another party. Even if you have the vehicle or the capacity to deliver items, there is nothing like delivering goods in a professional manner. Here are some advantages of hiring a logistics company.

Fast service delivery

Logistics companies are experts in moving goods so you can count on them when it comes to having the items delivered to your target recipients. These service providers are familiar with the terrains in Perth so you can be sure that the goods will get to your customers within the expected turnaround time and in excellent condition. Trucking companies utilize GPS technology and other high-end communication and tracking system devices to ensure your goods will be delivered without delay.


Hiring the services of a transport company, gives you the assurance that your goods will be delivered or picked up by a reliable party. The task is unloaded from your shoulder which becomes convenient for you. Since the goods will be delivered on time, youwon’t have to worry about getting disappointed customers.Your service delivery relies on how efficient the logistics transport in Perth is, which is why it is imperative that you hire a reliable service provider to get an impressive result to the delight of your customers.

Higher staff productivity

Because you will unload the delivery of goods from your staff, they can focus on delivering other equally important tasks for your business. This will result to higher productivity among your employees especially if you will install mechanisms to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. Search for a logistics transport in Perth that has been in the business for several decades and one that is trusted in the industry by more customers. Read customer testimonials or you can also engage in discussion boards to find out how good the company is in delivering services.