CDAC Tutors Receive Awards For Helping Financially Challenged Students

A number of tutors from the Chinese Development Assistance Council’s tuition program, a specially created Singapore tuition agency,  received several awards and accolades recently due to their exemplary service and dedication to the CDAC’s cause: to help academically challenged and impoverished students across Singapore with their education.

The program was founded more than a decade ago, during 1993, and has since been helping students across the country, with a system designed to cater to academically challenged students from financially challenged backgrounds and families.

The CDAC recently held its awards ceremony this August 5 at the HDB Hub, honoring the exemplary tutors of the Singapore tuition agency for their service above and beyond the call of duty. This year, these three particular tutors were the focus of the accolades during the ceremony, with an additional 10 other tutors receiving the Bamboo and Willow Awards. Additionally, 59 tutors were recognized for their service, and 220 CDAC students were awarded for their notable academic improvement.

  • Alvin Goh, Tuition Centre Supervisor
  • Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Trade and Industry
  • Tan Guan Seng

Mr. Goh is a full-time teacher with 35 years of experience, with 25 of those years also spent as a CDAC tutor, having been one of the founding members of the group, being part of the program since its earliest days. Now, he is also one of the CDAC’s Tuition Centre Supervisors. He says that he finds the experience of being a tutor at CDAC more meaningful, as he sees the academically-challenged students struggling, then advancing rapidly; learning with the assistance of tutors like him, which he says is an uplifting thing to see.

Ms. Ling, both tutor and chairman of the CDAC’s Student and Parent Education Committee , stated that the CDAC would be working on developing workshops for parents regarding their children’s education, in order to aid the education process with parental support.

Mr. Guan Seng, was another Willow Award recipient, who was awarded due to his dedication in helping students who fell behind their peers, with one of his students, Ms. Gerlynn Ng, handing him his award, having managed to pass the entrance examinations for the Institute of Technical Education.


The Roles Of A Landscape Architect

Ever wonder what the roles of a Landscaping Architect in Culpepper are? Try to think of a newly constructed building with the best layout and interior design. Without a landscaping architect, there will be no plan as to the circulation of vehicles coming in and out, there will be no parking spaces and no sidewalks or space allotted for pedestrians. There will be no system to handle the water running off during a storm, no plants outside, no courtyards or landscaping that will make the exterior look beautiful. This is only some of the roles that a landscape architect plays.

Landscape architecture is a profession that has been in existence since the middle of 1800s. The professional is not all about plants and landscaping but only makes up a portion of it. Landscape architects are responsible in complementing the technical parts of a building to the creative side in order to make something that is not only beautiful but also sustainable. They also aim to create outdoor spaces that are functional.

Most of the projects that include the need for a landscape architect are bigger than residential ones. They are employed in various markets such as parks and recreations, health care, higher education, athletic complexes and corporate facilities. Majority of the time, landscape architects are important part of project development.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architecture, a good landscape architect will help in raising the value of a commercial establishment as they are responsible in managing the aesthetics as well as its functionality. They are also responsible in answering the increasing concern of the public regarding the environment.

In order for landscape architects to provide adequate services, they must have sustainable design along with LEED certification. In a statement made by SUNY-ESF, a landscape architect should not only prioritize what the clients’ wants but the environmental aspect is essential as well.

It is common for a Landscaping Architect in Culpepper to be the lead designer in some of the major projects including outdoor facilities. They are basically in charge of everything that is outside of the walls of an establishment.


Workshop Provided By Canon India

When it comes to imaging, one name that stands out among others is Canon. The company offer consumers with products that are diverse and offer the latest technology that are designed carefully with the users in mind. It is the most popular brand used by photographers even those offering wedding photography in Sydney because of the high quality images and reliable equipment.

Consumers are able to learn more about imaging through the platforms released by Canon such as Roadshows, Canon Photomarathon, Photography Workshops and EOS Nation Seminars. The brand is not only known in India but the rest of the world as well.

In its goal to promote imaging all over the nation, Canon has announced that they are organizing activities as well as workshops to motivate enthusiasts and to let them release their creativity in time with the World Photography Day.

According to the president and CEO of Canon India, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, photography is one of the best ways to express someone’s love of art. It is a language that is able to speak through different generations. The brand is raising awareness of the power of imaging in India and in the last 20 years they have seen how more and more people are showing interests in the world of photography. Amateur photographers together with professional ones are able to appreciate the camera technology that offers novelty.

He added that they are organizing workshops in contests for the upcoming World Photography Day and all of which will follow a theme. One of their events is done in partnership with Infosys Limited Bangalore which will feature a photo walk. The event will take place inside the company’s premises and a photography quiz as well as photo contest for the staffs will follow right after.

A number of photography workshops will also be offered in various educational institutions such as Bengaluru’s St. Joseph’s College. These workshops are important to harness the skill of the photographer. This will also be useful for those companies or individuals offering wedding photography in Sydney because it will keep them updated of the latest imaging technology. All they need to do is find a local workshop event wherein they can enjoy and learn at the same time.


Lost Diamond Engagement Ring In Italy Had A Happy Ending 9 Years Later

A couple from New Jersey recounts how it feels to have lost something only to find out it is just somewhere stuck in the corner. Couples who are planning to get diamond engagement rings in Melbourne should read closely to this remarkable story of a couple who lost and found their engagement ring.

Justin and Margaret Mussel who are residents of Brick, New Jersey recounted how they lost their diamond engagement ring about nine years ago in Italy.

Earlier this August, they were reunited to the ring after they found it in a sidewalk in Italy. It was sitting comfortably in a crack in the road.

It was 2006 when the couple got marriedand during the summer of 2008, they decided to visit a town located in the southern part of Italy, San Marco deiCavoti. This is where the family of Margaret has a family home.

Justin shared the day when they lost the ring. It was after they checked out Pompeii and the weather was really hot. They know that the ring is quite loose for his wife’s ring finger and it was notlater in the day that they were able to notice its absence. Once they came back home after sightseeing, she took a nap and it was upon waking up that she realized it was no longer there.

The ring has princess cut diamond which is 1.1 carat and the band was white gold. Despite the renter’s insurance covering the lost of the ring, it was not honoured since it got lost in another country.

After giving birth to two boys, the couple decided to come back to San Marco deiCavoti and they did not expect that they will be reunited with the ring. It was a normal day as Justin was sitting on the front yard when he noticed that something is shining in the sidewalk every time a car passes by.

Justin reached into the crack with a screwdriver because it is quite deep and it was when the ring showed up. His wife couldn’t believe it when he called her and it looks exactly the same as the replacement ring she has. The couple is advising those who are looking for diamond engagement rings in Melbourne to take extra care but a remarkable story as this wouldn’t hurt anyone.


Termite Problem Solved With The Help Of A Dog

It was only last year when the Riverside Pest Management decided to take in a new member of their group. This new member is known to be a professional when it comes to detecting termites. He is called Ben and is born as a cocker spaniel, a breed of dog. He is an expert when it comes to termite because his sense of smell is over-the-top when it comes to detecting pests.

With the help of pets such as Ben, termite inspection in Sydney can be a breeze because pests can be easily detected. Ben is an offspring of a champion lineage of dogs that are trained for detection. Pete is his grandfather who also known as the best dog detector of termites employed in Sydney. The same goes with his father, Ess, who is not only good in detecting termites but bugs as well. His father was also based in Sydney. His Aunt Sal, on the other hand, is currently working at the Snowy Mountains National Park as a detection dog that specializes in noxious weed.

Ben was trained in Sydney starting from six weeks. He works along Shane Clarke who is a well-known trainer and an expert in pest control.

Ben’s specialty is locating termites and he is able to locate the destructive pests even if they are invisible behind thick walls. He can detect them as they come out of cracks or crevices in between concrete and he can smell them even on trees and around the garden. He is an expert in detecting termites in almost any structure.

Ben was top of his class when he graduated from training and he still has three siblings that are still being trained.

According to Steve Butcher who is the owner of Riverside Pest Management, Ben is more accurate in detecting termites compared to their testing equipment used.

Steve who operates the business with his wife, Jess, admitted that it took four years before they were able to get a detection dog to be used for their termite inspection in Sydney and the couple admitted that he is worth the investment.


Rents Not Out Of Control, According To ONS And Belvoir

With the current issues plaguing the housing industry in London lately, another side has spoken up to alleviate concerns for those looking for London flats for rent long term, with counter arguments to the common news of rent rising.

The London’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), said that rental price inflation across the country remained flat for the fourth consecutive month this July.

The ONS’s index stated that the private housing rental prices in the country showed that rent prices rose by 1.8% in the year preceding July 2017. The ONS didn’t provide any specific details or data, but the index did, in fact, showed some regional differences.

East Midlands recorded the highest largest annual rental price increase in the country, with an rents increasing by 2.8%, up from last year’s increase of 2.6%. Following East Midlands is the South-East Region, which, for those looking for London flats for rent long term, is not a good thing to hear. Oddly, though, the blow is softened by the fact that the region actually recorded a decrease in rental price inflation for they year, which dropped a little, from 2.6% to 2.8%.

The North-East region recorded this year’s lowest annual rental price increases, which stays calmly at .5%, which hasn’t changed since June.

Annual growth in private rent prices in the capital sat at 1.5% in the 12 months leading up to July of 2017.

According to Andrew Benn, Spicerheart’s Managing Director of Lettings, these regional differences come about from classic supply in demand, as the number of new tenants have been rising recently, into the highest recorded number since the year’s start.

The data present by ONS is supported by data from the UK real estate agency Belvoir, which research shows similar data.

According to Belvoir, the average rents in the country rose 2.75% annually during 2017’s second quarter to £751. This data also shows rent ranging from £597 in the north-west, and £665 in Yorkshire, whilst the South-East and London had averages sitting at £1,048 and £1,446 respectively.

Additionally the agency’s data showed a mix of reports, with prices both rising and falling in the country.