Beginner Tips When Learning Illustrator

Illustrator is an application developed by Adobe which is designed as a vector drawing tool. With this, one will be able to create artwork with infinite scale while making sure the quality remains the same. This tool is ideal in making designs for logo, complex vector artwork as well as learning how to make illustrated typography. If you have been used to Photoshop, you might find Illustrator is quite different. Here are some tips for beginners learning the Adobe Illustrator.

  • The first thing you should be familiar with and eventually master when using Illustrator is Bezier – its points and curves. Knowing this, you will be able to create any artwork you desire. It can be very tricky at the beginning but knowing how to control the points and curves of Bezier will also give you the ability to create whatever shape you need. The manipulating points are used to control the curves. You can also use the Alt/Shift keys together with the pen tool while pointing on a curve to create more complex and organic shapes. Practice is recommended as well as personal discovery.
  • There are Bezier shortcuts you can do. If you want to control the Bezier curves, utilized the Alt key once you have made your point. Once a point is already done, hold down Alt and with this you will be able to determine the position of the next point minus the need to manipulate the curve. If you want your next point to have a 45-degree angle, just hold down the Shift key.
  • The default setting of Illustrator allows you to stroke your path with the help of a tool such as pen or shape. The result is a black coloured 1 point. The final shape once the points are connected will then be filled with white. The colour can be changed as well as the fill. Once the object is selected, you can choose between the two under the main tool panel.
  • One of the advantages of using Illustrator is that it comes with easy brushes. There are a lot of options to choose from in the library.

If you want to learn more and become an expert, enrol in an Illustrator training course.


Police Turns Down Importation Of 165cc Motorbikes In Bangladesh

The government of Bangladesh has disapproved applications for the importation of motorbikes that are more than 150cc due to police objections. According to authorities, there are safety concerns due to the reluctance of riders to wear safety helmets. This is one of the reasons for the increasing rates of road accidents. Another reason that was forwarded by the police is criminal activity that is carried out with motorbikes.

Last May 15, Motiur Rahman, President of BMAMA (Bangladesh Motorcycle Assemblers and Manufacturers Association) filed an application to the Ministry of Commerce for a permit to import motorbikes over 150cc including their spare parts. According to BMAMA, the motorbike market of Bangladesh is shrinking and the government is losing a significant amount of revenue due to the import ban. The government has an existing import policy than bans 150cc to 165cc motorbikes.

Based on data from National Bureau of Revenue, motorbike imports have decreased from the previous 249,464 units in 2009 to 186,808 in 2012. Import figures have also fallen to less than 150,000 units in the last three years. The Ministry of Home Affairs sent the BMAMA application to the police for their assessment and recommendation. However, on September 21, the police headquarters raised their objections regarding the raising of importation limits to 165cc. If motorcycles with higher configurations are allowed for importation, it will increase safety issues.

According to Import Policy Order SRO-411, importation of motorbikes above 155cc and used for over 3 years is not allowed in Bangladesh. The police department has actually been using 150cc motorbikes for operational purposes but to allow the citizens to use the motorbike with the high configuration may deteriorate the law enforcing situation. Bangladesh police believes that motorbikes with high configurations will result into an increase in accidents because unlike other countries motorbike riders in Bangladesh are reluctant to wear helmets.

In the UK, there are Vespa dealers that are offering a range of scooters from the Italian manufacturer Piaggio. The Vespa’ has been successful for 30 years because of its classic strength, aesthetic and minimalist lines not to mention its functionality and ease of use.


Why Affordable Housing Enjoyed A Better Year Than Luxury Homes

2016 was a year for end users because real estate investors have kept away from the market. Most of the newly launched housing developments specifically targeted end users. The developers offered stretched payment schemes in order to sweeten deals and lead to a better traction in sales.

During the first half of 2016, the residential market fared rather well because many end users were looking for homes that are ready for moving in. The year played well for buyers who were not averse to risks related to the quality of the product and project possession timelines.

Even the international market for real estate properties fared well in 2016 because of UK’s decision to leave the European Union. Brexit provided Indian investors with an opportunity to be able to invest in UK’s real estate market. The benefits are not limited to capital values because rental revenues were pretty exciting, too particularly in markets in the Manchester and Liverpool areas. The yields reached as high as 5 to 6%.

The domestic market for real estate did well in the affordable segment. Demonetization affected the luxury property market especially properties in the city centers. Most of the leading brands catered to the affordable segment in order to continue doing well. Affordability comes with a range of amenities however, the product does not make a big difference; it is location.

There are some locations that show a lot of promise for the affordable segment like Thane (MMR), Gurgaon (NCR) and Bengaluru (ORR). Thane has a lot of support infrastructure in healthcare, education, retail and entertainment. Thane is also accessible to roads and railway that is why it became a preferred location.

Apartments in Gurgaon come with a club, swimming pools and retail stores. Highlights of the location include good schools and medical facilities. Bengaluru is highly preferred by IT employees because it is near the leading IT tech parks.

In Thailand, investors prefer Karon beach property because they can easily be rented out to tourists. Phuket is one of the popular tourist destinations in Thailand and accommodations are almost always inadequate because of the growing number of tourists every year.



Top 3 Reasons For Hiring An Office Cleaner In Melbourne

There are several reasons why you should hire an office cleaner in Melbourne. For one, nothing beats a spotless workplace especially if you are dealing with customers upfront. Aside from that, there are countless reasons why you should keep your business establishment clean and there is hardly a reason why you should not. Here are some of the top reasons why you should have someone to regularly clean your office.

Increased employee productivity

If you have a professional cleaner in the workplace, your employees can focus on doing their tasks instead of cleaning their workstations every day. A clean workplace also boosts the morale of workers making them more productive and effective in delivering their tasks. When a workstation is devoid of clutters, one can think better and it makes the work space more pleasant. This will encourage employees to be conscious of their garbage and will be encouraged to help out in terms of cleaning in ways that they can.

Professional cleaning techniques

When you hire an office cleaner in Melbourne, you can be sure that you get professional cleaning experience. These office cleaners are trained and were given due license before they were deployed by their agency to work for a company. These office cleaners go through cleaning standards including handling of equipment so they would know exactly what to do with your garbage and cleaning issues.  These professional cleaners know how to handle hazardous and toxic waste keeping your office and employees safe from potential risks.  Make sure that your office cleaner would use safe, effective and environment-friendly cleaning solutions.

Well-maintained workplace

By having a professional office cleaner in Melbourne, you can be sure that your commercial establishment will always be welcoming to your customers and will remain well-ventilated and sunny to your employees. Before hiring an office cleaner, ask for a work background and experience. You may also want to check from the cleaner’s former employer on what he has to say about the cleaner. Make sure that the office cleaner does not have a pending criminal record.


Tips For Effective Indoor Team Building Activities

Based on a study conducted by University of Central Florida, team building activities offer a lot of benefits to the organization as well as its members. This is the reason why most successful companies always allocate budget and time for company outings, team building and parties for reasons of celebration and as a way to show appreciation for employee productivity. Sometimes, indoor team building activities are also conducted to boost performance and team spirit among members. Whatever the reason might be, corporate activities are important in any group or organization. To make the activity successful, consider the following tips:

Choose the right venue

For an effective team building activity, pick a conducive venue. Consider the number of participants and make sure that the venue where the team building would be held can accommodate everyone. Take note that indoor team building activities may require moving around so choose a venue that offers ample space for games and activities. To give your employees a breathing space, you can choose to conduct an offsite venue such as a nearby resort or hotel.

Consider the date and time

No matter how exciting the activity may be, nobody wants to eat up their personal or family time. It would be ideal to schedule the activity on a weekday and during office hours. A Friday can be a good choice since it is already a downtime for office work.

Set expectations

For an effective indoor team building activity, a team expectation should be set for the team members to understand and appreciate the purpose of the activity. Team buildings are done with specific goals and it would be best if these goals would be presented to the team. The expectations for the activity should come from the participants.

 Collect feedback

After your indoor team building activities, collect immediate feedback from the participants. This will guide the organization in crafting next steps and in determining the success of the activity. The facilitators can provide a feedback form but if the activity was facilitated by members of the organization, samples of feedback forms can be found on the internet.


Different Types Of Car Insurance

If you are thinking about getting a new car, you should also include thinking about car insurance. There are different types of car insurance. One of which is car insurance type 1. Type 1 car insurance is a comprehensive kind of insurance that covers not just vehicular accidents but also incidents brought by circumstances such as riots, flood, fire, vandalism, hail storm, typhoon, animal accidents and so on. To know what suits you, take a look at the different types of car insurance available for you.

Liability Insurance

There are two types of liability coverage; liability for personal property and bodily injury. Drivers are generally required this type of insurance coverage before he is granted with driver’s license. If you get into an accident and you are liable for it, the liability insurance covers the payment.

Collision coverage

Unlike car insurance type 1, collision coverage specifically covers accidents on instances when your car hits a fixed object such as ramps, rails, lamp post or another vehicle. The insurance covers the payment for the damages on your car.

Medical insurance

Medical insurance covers payments related to hospitalization and medical bills for those who were injured while riding in your during an accident.    

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

PIP is similar to medical insurance coverage but it has broader coverage. It provides or helps the expenses for rehabilitation, funeral costs, work loss due to impairment including hospital bills.

Underinsured/Uninsured motorist coverage

This type of insurance coverage provides financial assistance on cases when you got into a car accident and the driver of the other vehicle who is at fault does not have an insurance to cover his liabilities. In this case, even if the driver cannot provide financial assistance to you, your hospitalization and medical expenses for property damage and bodily damage will still be covered.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage is also known as ประกันภัยรถยนต์ชั้น1 (car insurance type 1). It covers all types of accidents and even damages that are not borne out of vehicular accidents such as storms, vandalism, fire, riots, flood and other similar instances. Talk to your car insurance agent to know more about this.