How You Can Start A Coworking Space In Bangkok

In 2012, I had the need for an office to start-up a financial education company. I got registered with some office brokers and agents. Before I knew it, lots of office providers in Bangkok started to call and email me every now and then. The problem I found was not the size of the office or its location, but the cost for renting or buying the office. What I needed was a tiny space for a price I could pay. All I really needed was to have a desk and an option of a meeting room. So I discovered a coworking space in Bangkok, which was good enough for my small business. Fortunately, the broker who did my reservations suggested that I share the office space with someone else. With that, things turned out easy.

In one office door in Bangkok, a sign said “Coworking shared office space”. This was the very first time I heard about coworking. The price was affordable, the contract was flexible, and it had meeting rooms that were free. For startups, all these features made me really exciting. Why would I pay an expensive price for an office, when I have this much space for my new business. Everyone knew each other except for me. So I suggested to the owners on how the atmosphere can be improved and make the coworking space in Bangkok more welcoming. And they considered part of my suggestions. The coworking space was solely intended for freelancers, sole traders, small entrepreneurs and businesses that don’t need to be ignored. The facilities were impressive so I had to work from there.

So this is what it’s like with coworking space in Bangkok. It’s somehow very exciting as you possibly meet acquaintances that have different businesses than yours. It was like a library where you have to do your own thing; but of course, it was filled with people that you need to be friendly somehow. You also need to be careful that you are not an issue around these people. But the real concern is how to make your startup business work prosperously amidst this coworking space you have just rented.


Strong Foreign Demand For Upscale And Luxury Units In Ploenchit

Ploenchit is an area in downtown Bangkok that is high on chic and prestige. It is not the place you will go to if you are looking for tourist attractions because the area is full of high-rise buildings, upscale apartments, embassies and high end shopping malls. You will find luxury hotel in Ploenchit that meets every need and convenience.

In recent years, the luxury residential market in Bangkok’s central business district has consistently performed well without any signs of slowing down. Demand for upscale and super-luxury luxury projects from foreign investors remain high. According to CBRE Thailand, a leading real estate developer, units in the heart of Bangkok are valued at 10 million baht making them highly popular among overseas investors.

Property Consultant Colliers International recently announced that condominiums along Sukhumvit Road have sold out their foreign quota to buyers from China, Japan and Hong Kong. Foreign quota is equivalent to 49% of the total space of all units in a condominium. Ploenchit which is the prestigious address in Bangkok is considered as one of the most desirable locations in the city’s business district because it offers everything that an individual needs.

The ritzy neighbourhood of Ploenchit is near the BTS Skytrain station, the expressway and the neighbourhood that is filled with glass skyscrapers and skywalks. In the early morning, you can take a stroll along Soi Ruamrudee where you will meet other residents walking their designer dogs or buying breakfast pastries from a neighbourhood café. At the end of the day, you can hang out with friends in cocktail bars and restaurants that cater to the rich.

According to the 2017 records of CBRE Thailand, it was revealed that Ploenchit-Chidlom CBD had the highest land price in Bangkok that has been recorded. Because of strong demand, the supply of high-end luxury condominiums in the area became significantly scarce.

Simply said, hotel in Ploenchit is one of the best options when you are looking for glamorous and convenient accommodations. The area is the place where humans, technology and nature peacefully co-exist. Because the hotel is located in the heart of the city, you can conveniently access all the exciting parts of Bangkok.

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Reasons To Buy A Property Near Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan is a province in the south east of Bangkok. It is 29 kilometres away from the south of Bangkok. It is an ancient city with the beautiful Chao Phraya River on the boundary. The beautiful suburb of Bangkok can be reached via the Sukhmvit road or the highway number 303.

The area is near the airport and the demand for condo near Samut Prakan is increasing. There are some good hotels in the area and it has a lot of historic places around the vicinity of the area. The area is accessible by car and buses plying from Bangkok.

The builders of condo near Samut Prakan offer luxurious amenities in the buildings. They have all the modern amenities like swimming pool, fitness centre and high level security. As the demand for condos in the area is still in the starting phase, they offer more amenities at lower prices. Investors who want to get flats at low prices can prefer to book a condo in this suburban province.

Proximity to the airport is the main reason for the demand for condos in this area. Low price is another reason that is driving up the demand. The third reason for growing demand is the quiet and cosy atmosphere of this province. The distance is not far when we consider the transport options from Bangkok. A number of buses ply between Bangkok and Samut Prakan.  The amenities provided by the builders are also drawing the attention of investors and home buyers to the area.

However, buyers should be very careful before investing in a condo near Samut Prakan. As the area is divided into 6 districts, they should carefully consider the district of the project location. They should carefully check for all the permissions and regulations to be obtained for the builder and the level of security provided by the builder. They should check the quality of construction and the quality of the interior fittings and furnishings. Compare the prices of other properties in the area before you finalize a deal for your condo. Once you carefully scrutinize all the points, you are all set to buy your dream condo.


The Significance Of Selecting Right Colours For Your Car Wraps

Now that you have decided to use car wraps to advertise your brand, the next important task is to select a good design and right colours for your car wraps. Using the right colours helps create a positive impression in the minds of the customers.

Here are some of the most used colours for car vinyl wrap in Brisbane, for advertising purposes. Know the feelings associated with the colours and make a right choice.

  • Black – This colour gives a sophisticated and luxurious feel to the car. It gives the customers a powerful signal about the brand.
  • White – using white gives a fresh and young feel. The neutral colour works well to enhance the other elements in design.
  • Gray – Use gray to portray a mature and dignified image. The colour is a middle ground between the all powerful black and the neutral white and can also be used to signify tradition.
  • Green – Green is generally used to signify environment and finance. Choose it if your company operates in any of these two areas.
  • Red – Nothing depicts passion like Red. The red colour car vinyl wrap in Brisbane can be used to achieve a modern and youthful appearance.
  • Blue – Use of blue colour in your car wrap conveys seriousness and trustworthiness.

Choose the colour of the car wrap keeping the overall values of the brand in mind. The car wrap should be designed in a way to subtly deliver the brand characteristics to the target audience. The wrap should not be over the top. It should be designed with care, so as to stand out from the rest of the competitors. The car wrap should be successful in creating curiosity in the minds of the viewers to search more about the brand and actively seek out for you.

The use of right colours plays an important role in the success of your campaign. You can take advice from the company dealing in car vinyl wraps in Brisbane to select a right colour and design for the wrap. They will offer you a free quote and guide you on the different options available.


Why You Need To Be Fit When Going On Scuba Diving In Phuket

You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete just to go scuba diving in Phuket, but you need to be healthy to do the water sport. If you are a beginner or neophyte to scuba diving, you need to ensure your heart and lungs are working fine. You must be able to swim and be comfortable in the seawaters. Intellectually, you need to be responsible, have self-discipline and good judgment to enjoy this popular water sport.

If you are here in Phuket to learn how to dive or for a dive trip, here are essential tips to keep you healthy during your attempts here:

  • Always avoid dehydration. The weather in Thailand is really hot so you need to drink lots of water and avoid too much sun. Yes, you can get a healthy tan but you need to be extra cautious with the sun’s UV rays.
  • Never drink too much alcohol. Sure, there are lots to enjoy in Phuket; however, when you dive, you should never be under the influence of alcohol.
  • Eat healthy food. Thai food is generally healthy as you see less locals that are overweight. However, you need to eat well when you go for a dive trip to have more energy.
  • Get plenty of rest. To enjoy the scuba diving in Phuket, you need to be well rested to enjoy the dives. Never party all night if you are out for this sport the following day.
  • Never smoke while on a dive boat. Aside from having it bad for your lungs, it can annoy your companions who are non-smokers.
  • On the boat trip if you get seasick, ensure you have the medication in advance. If you don’t feel well, just stay in the boat and wait till the instructor and your companions return.

Insurance for Divers

To ensure your safety and protection, it’s best that divers secure personal travel insurance. See if scuba diving in Phuket is covered. If you have no insurance, you can pay around 250 baht and you can have a coverage up to 500,000 baht from a local Thai insurance company. It’s also suggested to include a trip cancellation insurance to secure your safety.


The Right Time To Consider An Asoke Office Space For Rent

Today’s newspapers are full of advertisements about office space for rent. However, the option for renting or buying an office space purely relies on your company, its future goals and the finances it has. An Asoke office space for rent may bring about many benefits. However, with its line of benefits for the business, many entrepreneurs find it difficult to select which ones are right for their business. Here, you will find indications that guarantee how your business can get the right office space.

Does the Office Space for Rent Fit Your Budget?

Most companies are really strict about financial expenditures and thus keeping themselves on a tight budget. When you rent an office, you consider a long term commitment and having costs that are lower to your buying. So the first thing to do is to find out how much budget your company can set aside for the office space. Depending on that figure, you can determine whether you need to rent or buy an office space.

Flexible Options and Easy Contract Terms

Whether planning to rent or buy, you need proper documentation. The good thing about renting is providing you with flexibility. The terms stipulated in rental contracts are so negotiable and lenient. Companies who are about to start business dislike tying up with long term routine contracts. Hence, they consider working with an office space for rent as the right option.

The Current Economy and You

Recession is over and it has clearly taught us the value of savings and needless effects of overspending. In relation to that, only few people are now buying offices and houses. Many are not risking their assets into an economy that can show positivity or negativity at times. If your company is new to the market and is just starting out, the best option would be Asoke office space for rent. It is also near the Asoke BTS skytrain station for easy commuting.

The previous worldwide financial crisis has lead companies and consumers to play safe with their business handling. The best way to be more cost efficient is an Asoke office space for rent. From there, you can determine whether your business can grow and prosper in the future. Then you can take action on what is appropriate for the future of your company.