Why Your Company Needs Activities Team Building

In the past, activities team building have experienced negative results; however, they are now taking an important role in any a serious business. A strong team of employees who rely on each other can outdo other businesses of the same areas. If they trust everyone in the team, they can perform well, making the business prosperous.

Considering the Importance of Team Building

In order for teambuilding to be successful, the various stakeholders should experience some benefits out of its efforts. All participating individuals are obliged to take the process seriously. Try to think that the team has the succeeding stakeholders: the customer, the business, the team leader, the individual team member, and the team as a whole.

When you consider every participating stakeholder, you consider activities team building as an important role to the company. The teambuilding activities can have each team member rely on every one, and that they develop trust, cooperation and mutual understanding. Apparently, you can’t possibly include your customers in this teambuilding activity; however, if your staff has undergone such activities, and the senior staff are knowledgeable with the teambuilding training, customers can also be benefited as well.

Teambuilding training is crucial for business management to understand and obtain the best of their teams. The activities team building can be planned probably over the weekend in a resort, or just done every Friday night. Proficient team leaders can recognize when’s the best time to build teambuilding opportunities and make the most of it.

How Teambuilding Works

Any business can engage themselves in teambuilding activities. Project managers may need to involve a large organization, or it can be a business owner with barely five employees. They can bring in these people into a situation where they can relax and have fun. They will need to rely on each other for support to create a new perspective of the company.

Once the rapport has been established and everyone enjoyed the activities team building, they can get back to work with the same mutual understanding. Customers benefit from the familiarity of each department as every staff tries to assist them with their needs. The whole organization then works hand in hand to obtain a successful sale.


High Tourist Arrivals In Phuket Even During The Low Season

If you want a second home where you can settle in, relax and enjoy the spectacular view, your best option is private pools villa Phuket that is perfect for a group of friends or family. The generous living spaces will allow you to enjoy a vacation without being confined to a private room. Gatherings and socializing are allowed at the private areas of the resort.

Last year, Phuket hit historic high arrivals of 8.4 million due to the strong low season and the double-digit growth in the number of Chinese tourists. According to C9 Hotelworks “Phuket Hotel Market Update” report, the island is becoming a year-long tourist destination. Passenger arrivals averaged at 641,863 per month during the low season compared to 759,703 arrivals during the high season. The gap between the low season and high season is very close.

According to Bill Barnett, managing director of C9 Hotelworks, hoteliers around the island must be pragmatic about the shift in geographic segments. Phuket International Airport is in effect the point of entry for tourists to Khao Lak. There are almost 9,000 hotels that can provide accommodations to the growing number of visitors.

Both the cheap accommodations and classy beachfront properties gained the benefits from the increasing number of Australian and Chinese tourists. On the other hand, while arrivals are growing in number, the average length of stay is reduced because of the regional Asian market take-up. Moreover, Airbnb is becoming a mainstream competitor to hotels and resorts.

Barnett further warned hoteliers that while the recent upgrades on the Phuket International Airport and the new terminal are welcome news to the hospitality industry, it is does not really solve the real macro issue. The need to diversify Phang Nga’s improving tourist market urgently requires a new airport.

If have not yet booked for accommodations at private pools villa Phuket because you are worried about the cost, don’t despair because it is cheaper than luxury hotels. You gain more value from a spacious villa than booking for several hotel rooms. Services available at luxury hotels like maid service, housekeeping, concierge and 24-hour room service can also be enjoyed at the pool villas.


Bracelet That Could Help Women Get Pregnant

Women who are having a hard time getting pregnant might have a solution soon with the help of a fertility tracking bracelet. This is not like your fancy authentic stingray bracelets but a device with scientific functions. As of writing, clinical trials are being done by Ava, a medical technology company, together with University Hospital of Zurich located in Switzerland. They are hoping that this will answer some question on the efficacy of the gadget.

The trial is conducted with the help of 50 women participants suffering from irregular menstrual cycles. They are using the bracelet made by Ava which tracks their cycle. The trial also includes women that are diagnosed to have PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome.

The bracelet is equipped with sensor technology as well as algorithms that have been tested on laboratories to determine the duration of time when the user is fertile.

According to the trial’s lead investigator and a reproductive endocrinology professor working at University of Zurich, Dr. Brigitte Leeners, said that the parameters measured by the bracelet is noninvasive. These are parameters concerning the hormonal cycle of a women and the device is designed to get the best measurement.

As of writing, there are already bracelets out in the market but it is only advisable for women with menstrual cycles lasting between 24 and 35 days.

New trials are to be conducted in order to develop bracelets that will be suitable for women whose menstrual cycles are not within the range.

Leeners said that their databank for normal cycles is very large thus they are employing an algorithm that is intended to achieve the same prediction quality they have in testing irregular cycles.

Ava is also conducting tests in order to determine if the bracelet can be used as a contraceptive device which is non-hormonal.

According to Ava, the bracelet should be worn by the women every night. The sensor technology of the device is gathering data from the skin temperature of the user, the pulse rate, sleeping patterns, breathing rate and movement among many others. This can be used alongside with fancy jewelries such as authentic stingray bracelets.


Wall Tiles Dislodging From 700 Residential Units In Singapore

There are currently 700 cases of wall tiles dislodging that are being faced by HDB (Housing and Development Board) in Singapore. The number of cases included starts from the beginning of this year alone. Over half of the complaints are wall tiles that were installed by the agency itself. Many of the residents are looking to rock tiles for the wall as an alternative because of the incidents.

According to the board’s spokesperson, the number of cases that has been recorded is almost the same as the ones that have been documented in the last few years. The number of dislodged tiles is higher when the country is experiencing the cold season.

In a statement released by the HDB, the tiles’ dislodgement is because of the natural deterioration of the material coupled with the changes in the weather which causes the tiles to expand or contract. When this happens, the adhesive that applied to the screed surface in order to install the tiles is eventually lost.

The spokesperson clarified that because of the significant highs and lows in the temperature, the tiles are put under stress and this is one factor that affects the adhesion.

He added that this is more than the industry standard which gives one year grace period for the Defect Liability Period. HDB will help all residents that have been affected by providing flat inspections, adding a protective sheet on the wall where the tiles are dislodged and giving them a list of contactors whom they can coordinate with.

Lawrence Wong, the minister for national development, said in the parliament in April of 2017 that the owners of the flats should be the one to answer the maintenance of their units which covers the usual wear and tear that needs repair.

He further explained that the Defect Liability Period last for only one year wherein the developers will answer if there are cases of dislodged tiles. There are developers that are offering free repair for up to three years but it is not stated in the contract but rather their own goodwill.

Some of the flat owners are considering turning to rock tiles for the wall to see if it will be able to withstand temperate changes to avoid the yearly repair and maintenance.


Travel Experts Share Tips On How To Get Free Room Upgrade

If you are a regular guest, it is more likely for a hotel to provide you some favours. One example is free upgrade in Bangkok hotel deal to enjoy a room with the city skyline as the backdrop. Another way to enjoy rewards and additional perks is to book directly with the hotel website. You can book now to take advantage of the promotions offered for the coming Chinese New year.

If you are travelling to Thailand, there are some easy ways to enjoy upgrades without the extra price. Travel experts share some useful tips on how to be upgraded to a larger room with a better view and a more spacious bath.

  • Be loyal to the hotel and be friendly to the staff. Hotels reward return guests with special favours. A little bit of respect and friendliness to hotel staff will be rewarded with free perks.
  • If you check-in late, there is a possibility for the hotel to run out of their standard rooms. It is very likely that you will be bumped to a better room. However, there are several disadvantages to late check-in particularly during peak tourist season in Bangkok. If you have not made advance reservations, the hotel might have run out of available rooms.
  • Social media is very important to hotel promotions. Make sure to inform the receptionist that you will be writing a review on the hotel with photographs posted on Instagram. The receptionist might give you a better room in exchange for online exposure; however, make sure to keep to your promise.
  • If you book the cheapest room, it is very unlikely for a hotel to upgrade your room. The more money you pay for accommodations, the more that the hotel will value you as a customer. Freebies and upgrades are often the reward to valuable guests.

Fantastic deals are offered by hotels like free upgrade in Bangkok hotel deal if you reserve for accommodations using the promo code posted at the hotel’s website. The earlier you book the better are the chances of discounts on rooms. Booking 15 days in advance usually results to more discounts per night including complimentary buffet breakfast and unlimited Wi-Fi.


DWP Congress Held In Astounding Hotel Wedding Events In Phuket

The official Host Partner is the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) along with other partners and sponsors including The Wedding Bliss, Angsana Laguna Phuket, Banyan Tree Phuket and Laguna Phuket. This will be held in the best hotel wedding events in Phuket for this year.

Thailand is the very first country to host this event in Asia, which gathers high-end destination wedding planners to do business with the most unparalleled destinations, lavish hotels, resorts and venues along with the world’s top wedding suppliers and creative partners such as, photographers, fashion designers, jewellery partners, furniture rentals, cake designers and more.

The event also includes themed gala dinners, lavish luncheons, ritzy cocktail receptions, networking functions, ground-breaking conference sessions, all innovated to assist participants to take advantage of this multi-billion-dollar industry held in one of the most affluent hotel wedding events in Phuket today.

The list of confirmed speakers include AleitSwanepoel, Joann Gregoli, SumantJayakrishnan, Janine Closs, Kevin Lee, Joanne Brown, FunkeBurknor-Obruthe, BhavneshSawhney, Christina Holt, InnavatKhubchandani, Michelle Rago, Matthew Oliver, Alison Hotchkiss, Evelyn Mills, Bryan Rafanelli, Wendy El Khoury, Joe Blackman, MohomedMorani, Marcy Blum, Koby Bar Yehuda, Katherine Apostolidis, and Preston Bailey.

Preston Bailey has been into planning and design of weddings for royal families, celebrities, athletes and CEOs for over 33 years. He has worked with famous names like Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Donna Karan, Jennifer Hudson, to name a few.

Kevin Lee’s celebrity clients include Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drew Barrymore, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. He is also believedas an inspiration to the character Franck in the 1990 movie ‘Father of the Bride’.

Evelyn Mills manages Marriage Maestros, which specializes in innovating signature weddings in China, Bali, Hong Kong and across Asia.

Meanwhile, Bryan Rafanelli operates Rafanelli Events, one of the largest event design and planning companies in the US since 1996. His clients include Hollywood star Matt Damon, President Obamaand Chelsea Clinton.

The DWP Congress was organized by QNA International in Dubai in one of the most prominent hotel wedding events in Phuket, and was previously held in Italy, Mauritius and Greece.

According to the TAT Governor, “This will be the very first Destination Wedding Planners Congress to be hosted in Asia. We anticipate that the Congress will provide a marvellousimage of Thailand as a global wedding destination, and feature outstanding destinations and venues, including incomparable products and services that make each event extraordinary and unforgettable.”