Ongoing Unbelievable Promotional Offers At The S15 Boutique Hotel In Bangkok

Most boutique hotels in famous cities are found on the outskirts. There are not many hoteliers who would like to set up base in the places where the real estate market oozes cash through every pore. But there are a few hotels who take up this bold risk and end up making huge successes out of it. The case in point is the S15 boutique hotel in Bangkok which is famous for its location advantages, its wide range of services, its impeccably designed rooms, and most of all, the S15 Hotel promotional price. Although the first three pros would need detailed descriptions themselves, the scope of this piece will be restricted to the amazing promotional offers at this hotel. There are three year-round offers and they are the “Early Bird Promotion”, the “Get! Executive Price” and the “Super Hot Deal” offers. Here is a detailed explanation of the three offers.

  • Early Bird Promotion: This offer is for those people who already know what dates they’ve scheduled out for their vacation. People who would like to stay at a boutique hotel with lots of services should consider this particular hotel as they can also avail amazing prices with this offer. The procedure required to avail this offer is rather simple. Guests will merely have to book 30 days in advance of whichever dates they would like to stay. They will the option to avail a 26% discount on their room price. Apart from this, they will also be provided free breakfast coupons, and free Wi-Fi services.
  • Get! Executive Price: The best way to order a room or to book a room is through the hotel itself. Internet Travel Agents always make some commission from the rooms that are booked from their website, and so the cost of the rooms that you will have to pay for will generally be higher. These costs can be effectively minimized by booking for the room through the hotel itself. Tis way the guests will not need to pay the extra commission fees.
  • Super Hot Deal: The super hot deal offer that provides an extraordinary S15 Hotel promotional price can be availed by combining both the offers mentioned above. By doing so guests can effectively save much more money than by just choosing one of the two deals.