NHS Purchased Roller Blinds Worth £850

NHS contractors tried to use their greed by providing roller blinds instant quote to a hospital over £850 for each piece. The bad news is that it was later found out that you can purchase the same exact type at Homebase and it is only about £23.

A senior consultant revealed this horrifying fact of overcharging that occurred in the Health Service which is currently in a tight position financially. A warning was sent by the MPs regarding the wasting of resources of the NHS which should have been devoted to other important things such as patient care. They have also accused the managers of NHS that they have failed to stop the abusive suppliers.

The overcharging issue became a controversy after the crisis that has befallen NHS wherein the trust bosses are claiming that they are having problems with finances and they are expecting their shortfall in cash in 2020 to reach £20 billion. It was only last week that they announced that the safety of the patients will not be guaranteed in about 20 hospitals due to overcrowding.

According to a Facebook post by Dr. Chris Davies, he found a bill amounting to £855.80 just to install and fit and blackout blinds in the ward. The bill will be sent to the Royal Berkshire Hospital located in Reading.

He talked about the inadequate funding situation at the NHS and he said that the bill is only one example of how their funds are used. They need window treatment for the procedure room inside the wards thus they are looking for blackout blind. The roller blinds instant quote provided by the official contractor is worth £855.80. In sarcasm, he said that it must be made of gold to block the light from coming in.

He then revealed that the matron was able to buy the same type of roller blinds from Homebase worth only £22.95 and the estate management will install it without charges. The fund of the NHS should be spent on more worthy matters such as quality care for the patients and not just waste on roller blinds instant quote given by official contract that thinks the agency is flowing with funds to spare.