New LA Branch For Frameless Sliding Shower Door Manufacturer

Sliding door has been making tremendous amount of noise since it was first introduced as early as the first century CE primarily in houses of the old Romans as proven by archaeological discoveries that were made in Pompeii, Italy. To begin with, a sliding door is a popular type of door in homes and offices which opens horizontally by sliding. The door is usually installed parallel to a wall. This type of door is mountable on either top of a track below or, suspended from a track above. Nowadays, there are numerous kinds of sliding doors that are used worldwide including the pocket doors, the Arcadia doors and, the bypass doors. In modern or, technologically advanced structures such as the malls, airports and some of the government offices, sliding doors are automated meaning the doors have sensors which can detect whether a person is about to enter the door. In addition to this, sliding doors are famous in Japanese homes, especially the traditional ones. For majority of the homes around the world, a frameless sliding shower door is now a common thing you can see in homes because it’s easier to open and close the door itself and it offers more privacy.


Last February of this year, Sky Frame, a manufacturer of frameless sliding shower door and other sliding doors that is based from Switzerland, has opened another branch of its own in Los Angeles, California in the United States. The new branch of the said manufacturer offers a wide variety of installations of sliding doors. Aside from the said doors, the newly opened branch has a variety of full-scale structural detail models which primarily showcase the complex architectural detailing of the glass systems that the company is employing. According to the people behind Sky Frame, the company hopes to offer sliding doors that will allow the people of Los Angeles to fully enjoy the beautiful view of the city especially at night time by giving them glass features that don’t obstruct the views in any possible way. In fact, the company believes that their sliding doors are the most perfect doors for LA people to maximize their viewing pleasure.